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Legal Electronic Discovery for Law Firms

Recent trends suggest that law firms are gaining more interest in bringing eDiscovery solutions in-house to conduct legal electronic discovery. These firms need tools that will help them rapidly analyze large volumes of data to quickly determine case strategy. Read the following white paper to learn how firms can use early case assessment to achieve their electronic discovery goals.
Early Case Assessment in eDiscovery: Best Practices from Real-World Cases
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Legal Electronic Discovery
Electronic discovery is a significant part of litigation and regulatory inquiries, which is why more and more corporate clients are relying on their legal counsel to provide a best-in-class solution specifically designed to address the challenges of real-world legal electronic discovery. From achieving better case outcomes to cutting costs, it’s critical to find an end-to-end solution that streamlines the process and reduces the complexity involved.
Hundreds of the world’s leading corporations, law firms, and government agencies rely on the Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell to reduce the cost and complexity of electronic discovery. Symantec, now inclusive of this best-in-class product, offers a single application solution for the entire legal eDiscovery lifecycle, helping law firms give their clients a substantial competitive edge by reducing overall costs and providing a higher level of service. This electronic discovery law solution provides key benefits, including:
  • Rapidly analyze large volumes of electronic documents to gain insight into case facts and determine case strategy

  • Provide detailed data metrics at the onset of a case, enabling accurate estimation of case budget and timeline

  • Provide guidance on custodians, keywords, topics, and discussion threads relevant to the case

  • Identify potential smoking gun documents and determine who knew what, and when

  • Present results to clients quickly using a web-based application, eliminating the time lag needed to move data manually

  • Standardize review quality and enforce a standard set of classification criteria across multiple reviewers

  • Simple and intuitive interface enabling legal users to be productive immediately, with little to no training

  • Consolidate the entire electronic discovery law process using a single application that removes the need for load files and moving data between multiple disparate tools


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