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Legal Hold is the critical first step to an effective electronic discovery process. Sending out legal hold notices and capturing critical custodian information leads to an efficient collections process. Watch the following webinar to learn about common pitfalls pertaining to litigation hold and how the Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell can help streamline your legal hold process.
Legal Hold Webinar: Best Practices, Practical Advice, and Common Pitfalls
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Legal Hold
Legal Hold is the process by which an organization preserves all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated. This process requires both notifying custodians and preserving data related to the legal matter. A legal hold notice is the written notice an organization distributes to its employees letting them know that a legal hold is in place – and that it is necessary to preserve documents and electronically stored information (ESI) associated with an investigation, lawsuit, or audit.
Managing the legal hold notification process intelligently and preserving critical data is a challenge for many corporations, law firms and government agencies. These organizations seek an approach for managing litigation hold notices across the entire lifecycle – from anticipation to completion of litigation. To sufficiently meet the duty to preserve, organizations require the functionality to administer litigation hold notices, track responses, and monitor compliance.
Learn more about Legal Hold and how customers use Symantec’s purpose-built Legal Hold solution, an integrated module within the eDiscovery Platform, to expedite the legal hold process and minimize risk.


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