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Securing Your Website with Appropriate Levels of Encryption

With the exchange of goods online, it is imperative that users feel that their information is kept both private and secure. In the world of cryptography, encryption is how a message is encoded so that only authorized parties have access. SSL encryption is a necessary part of the ecommerce, and ensures that data and personal information is securely exchanged. SSL certificates are the encryption mechanism that keep customers’ information private and creates trust in the website being visited.
The traditional algorithm used to encrypt information via SSL/TLS is RSA. It is the current industry standard algorithm for all hardware, software, and networking systems. Symantec is the first Certification Authority to offer a commercially-available alternative to RSA, in a ‘pure’ ECC certificate. This means that the end-entity certificate, intermediate certificate, and root certificates all use the ECC algorithm. DSA algorithm certificates are also available. Adoption of ECC is growing throughout the security ecosystem, as an alternative to RSA.

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