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Symantec Managed PKI for SSL. Flexible Control and Risk Management of Multiple SSL Certificates.
Managed PKI for SSL in Action
See how Managed PKI for SSL helps manage tens to thousands of SSL certificates. (5:53)
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Reduce the cost and complexity of managing digital certificates.

If your organization requires a large number of digital certificates and issuance by multiple administrators across different organizations or business units, then Managed PKI for SSL is the solution for you.

Managed PKI for SSL

Take control of enterprise security with a secure, cloud-based management console for all Symantec SSL and Code Signing Certificates. Customize the console and processes to fit your enterprise needs. Managed PKI for SSL allows for instant issuance, lifecycle control and management of all your SSL Certificates.
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Looking for a light SSL management option?

Symantec Trust Center Enterprise

Do you manage 5 or more SSL certificates? A Symantec Trust Center Enterprise Account combines the convenience of centralized management with premium SSL at a reduced price – all in a single solution.
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The Threat Landscape Today
  • 42% increase in targeted attacks in 2012
  • 5,291 new vulnerabilities discovered in 2012
  • 14 Zero Day vulnerabilities
  • 61 percent of malicious sites are actually regular websites
Are you Ready?
Enterprise SSL From Symantec
Easy to use, intuitive certificate management tool

Scalable service to manage tens to thousands of SSL and code signing certificates.

Full range of SSL certificates from Extended Validation, SAN, Wildcard, Code Signing, and more.

Premium certificates support three encryption algorithms, RSA, DSA, and ECC within the same SSL certificate.

Instant issuance of certificates, delegated administration, and role-based access.

Detailed reports and audit trails.

Vulnerability assessment and website malware scanning.

Ten Reasons to choose Symantec MPKI for SSL
For businesses, protecting intellectual property as well as securing customer data in transit is a top priority. Managing SSL Certificates can be challenging when servers are located in various divisions and locations. Complexity increases as an organization grows and expands. With Symantec products, the process is easy.
  1. Instant Issuance
    Symantec pre-authenticates your domains.
    Getting a new certificate is as easy as ABC


    Click “Get a certificate” on the quick links menu


    Choose a certificate type from the drop-down menu


    The control center guides you through it

  2. Algorithm Agility
    Symantec offers you the choice of three different encryption algorithms – RSA, DSA, and ECC, to help you create a more secure and scalable future for your business.
  3. Reduce Costs
    Pre-purchase for instant issuance instead of buying certificates on an as-needed or individual basis.
  4. Take Control
    Maintain control and delegate responsibilities based on job role, organization, or business unit -- allowing you to set policies.
  5. Protect your Site and Visitors with Malware Scans
    Symantec performs a daily, non-invasive scan of your public web pages to check for malicious code. If malware is detected, you’ll get an email alert. You’ll see which pages are infected and get tips on how to remove the malware. The Norton Secured Seal will not appear on your site as long as malicious code is detected and automatically reappears when your site is clear of malware.
  6. Find Website Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Exploit Theme
    Free Vulnerability Assessment scanning is included with every Premium or Extended Validation certificate. This automatic scan finds vulnerabilities on your public-facing pages and helps you quickly identify and take action against the most exploitable weaknesses on your website.
  7. Customized Reporting
    Choose between highly customized granular and top-level reporting.
  8. Get Help with Just a Click
  9. Options for Smaller Deployments
    If your organization requires multiple certificates but does not have a complex IT infrastructure, Symantec Trust Center Enterprise Account allows you to save time and money with volume pricing for SSL.
  10. Military Grade Infrastructure
    Symantec’s robust PKI infrastructure includes military-grade data centers and disaster recovery sites for unsurpassed customer data protection, availability, and peace of mind. Symantec maintains the highest standards in SSL technology and issuance.**
 * Includes Symantec subsidiaries, affiliates, and resellers as their SSL provider.
** Based compliance with EV SSL standards set by the CA Browser Forum.
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