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Move Beyond Antivirus

Current Threat Landscape

Did you know that antivirus alone stopped less than 50% of malware seen by Symantec in 2012? Increasingly complex, multi-dimensional threats are more prevalent than ever. Although traditional antivirus stops mass malware, it cannot protect users from targeted attacks, which are aimed at specific users or organizations and frequently involve web-based attacks, nor from Advanced Persistent Threats that are part of long-term campaigns. Antivirus alone is not enough. It’s time to move beyond antivirus.

Intelligent Security

Unlike point security products, Symantec offers comprehensive security expertise and global intelligence to provide targeted attack protection. The Symantec Global Intelligence Network is made up of hundreds of millions of users and sensors. Targeted attacks are then stopped by the proactive protection technologies that derive from the data collected from the Global Intelligence Network. These technologies power Symantec’s products at the endpoint, gateway, and data center.

Catch Threats That Are Often Missed

By leveraging the unique Global Intelligence Network, Symantec Endpoint Protection is able to provide layers of protection beyond antivirus such as Network Threat Protection, Insight and SONAR to catch threats that traditional security solutions miss.

Smart Business

In the last year, over 51% of the overall threats stopped by Symantec were stopped by the above three, proactive, non-signature based technologies. With Symantec Endpoint Protection, our customers can focus on their core business without worrying about the escalating threat landscape. Symantec is working around the clock to provide intelligent protection for smart business with fast and effective protection against cyber-attacks.
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