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Symantec Content Encryption for Symantec Messaging Gateway

Symantec Content Encryption is a premium hosted service that integrates with the powerful content filtering and policy controls of Symantec Messaging Gateway to encrypt messages containing sensitive information. Symantec Content Encryption helps safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive data you exchange with customers and business partners via email.

Why Use Symantec Content Encryption?

Symantec Content Encryption, provided by Symantec Hosted Services, provides an easy way of controlling email, the main source of sensitive data loss from your company. Leveraging the industry-leading MessageLabs hosted infrastructure, it is a fully hosted, easy-to-use service that does not require any additional infrastructure investments, regardless of size of deployment. Symantec Messaging Gateway with Symantec Content Encryption can save time and resources previously used trying to monitor email traffic — at a low, predictable total cost of ownership.
Challenge Symantec Content Encryption Benefits
Stop loss confidential information over email Complete control over with encryption with both pre-built and fully customizable policy rules Encryption is automatic, instant, secure, and accurate
Compliance with data privacy regulations Scans messages for sensitive content and encrypts those that trigger policies set by your organization Messages that contain sensitive information are automatically encrypted
Demonstrating to your customers your organization's commitment to security Encrypts messages containing private data Customers retrieve messages from secure web portals or in their in-box, re-assured that the message is encrypted
Find cost savings for the organization Encrypts messages otherwise delivered by post You can securely send any information, including pay slips, CVs, invoices, and statements, saving time and money

How Symantec Content Encryption Works

  • You create encryption policies specific to your company's needs within the Messaging Gateway Control Center
  • Outbound emails that trigger encryption policies travel between your email server and Symantec via a TLS-encrypted tunnel
  • Symantec sends the encrypted message to the intended recipients
  • Recipients views their encrypted message either from their inbox or through a secure web portal
  • Recipients can reply through a secure portal
Symantec Messaging Gateway scans messages, including attachments and any word, phrase or number specified as sensitive in your email, including keywords, regular expressions, and records generated through Exact Data Matching; encryption policies trigger encryption of the entire email.

Next Steps — Symantec Content Encryption

Symantec Content Encryption works seamlessly with Symantec Messaging Gateway. It is a premium service that can be added on to your Messaging Gateway subscription.
To purchase this service, please contact Symantec or your local Symantec reseller.
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