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  2. SSL Certificate with Wildcard
SSL Certificates with Wildcard option

Easily Protect the Transfer of Sensitive Data on Multiple Subdomains

Symantec mid-enterprise customers can add wildcard entries to their SSL certificate by using 5 product units. If you had existing wildcard units in your Trust Center Account, they were automatically converted into Secure Site units. The conversion ratio was 1:1; each wildcard unit was converted into 1 Secure Site unit.
How units work:
  • To secure 1 FQDN with Secure Site: 1 Secure Site unit needed
  • To secure a wildcard domain with Secure Site: 5 Secure Site units are needed
  • To secure 1 FQDN with 1 wildcard entry: 6 Secure Site units are needed.
Each additional FQDN is 1 unit and each additional wildcard entry is 5 units. The same applies for Secure Site Pro—simply purchase Secure Site Pro units at the same counts.



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