Partner Programs

Cloud services is a rapidly transforming environment, that creates new opportunities to generate predictable recurring revenue streams and insight into customers operations through the management of their IT.

The Partner Program enables you as a service provider or reseller partner to sell and bundle our hosted security and information management services with your core offerings. Thus allowing you to offer customers cloud-based services which address their security, IT and information management challenges. In turn this reduces their capital expenditures while helping you differentiate your business, maximize opportunity and accelerate profitability.

As a partner you will benefit from high-margin, predictable recurring revenue and turnkey entry into the growing SaaS market with industry leading solutions. In addition members also receive access to a number of sales, marketing and enablement tools designed to increase revenues and secure new business opportunities. To join the Program you must first be enrolled in the Symantec Partner Program, if you are already a member of the Symantec Partner Program sign-in and find more information about the Partner Program. Services

Once you have become a member of the Partner Program you can offer your customers services which allow them to lower costs and simplify IT administration by using applications that run on shared multi-tenant infrastructure in the cloud.

Which partner program is for you?

There are several program options designed to provide you with the ability to offer the services based on your business consumption model; Service Provider, Reseller and Referral. More information on the programs and availability can be found in the section below.

Service Provider Program

The Service Provider Program enables you to incorporate best-of-breed cloud security and information management services into your core offering. You are the entitlement holder and responsible for support allowing you the flexibility to incorporate the services designed to meet the needs of your business and offer flexible options such pay-as-you-go pricing now.

Benefits of becoming part of the program include:

  • Low fixed cost per user per month
  • Service Provider owns the entitlement and support
  • Symantec has no contact with end users
  • Management Portal and integration with enablement partners
  • account management and sales support
  • Access to comprehensive online training and marketing materials