Secure One Cloud Reseller

Grow your security practice

The cyber security market is growing fast. Business attacks are growing in volume and sophistication. Small to mid-sized business owners are unprepared for what might come their way: ransomware, multi-phased attacks, viruses. Small businesses need security solutions that are easy to deploy, scale on-demand, and don’t use the entire IT budget. Enter Symantec’s Cloud Reseller, specializing in security solutions from the #1 market share leader that are easily purchased, provisioned, and deployed quickly through the cloud.

Why join Secure One Cloud Reseller?

Simply put: you’ll get access to leading cloud security products and drive more revenue. With rapid growth in cyber security, you’ll see increased revenue as you sell high-in-demand security solutions to small and mid-sized businesses—and it is recurring revenue so you have a consistent, predictable monthly revenue stream. Add in management and support services and you create new revenue streams.

Getting Started is Easy

1) Enroll

Being a Secure One Cloud Reseller gives you all the support you need to start and scale your security practice.

2) Find a Cloud Solution Marketplace Provider

Symantec works with the leading cloud marketplaces around the world. Your Marketplace partner will provide billing and support services for you and your customer and will help you offer a broad range of services to your customers.

3) Start Selling

Sell More, Grow More, Earn More with our online services portfolio.

Fully Automated Experience

Symantec’s Online Services for Small Business and Midmarket customers are based on Symantec’s Security Cloud Platform—a state of the art infrastructure that delivers a consistent customer experience to each and every customer. On the back-end it handles every aspect of billing and on the front-end it provides on-demand provisioning. Integrated with cloud marketplaces, the cloud platform makes it easy, fast, and inexpensive for Cloud Resellers to service their end customers.