Competency Overview

Build your capabilities to deliver a better customer experience with Secure One Competencies

Secure One Competencies

Competencies are the foundation of Secure One. They are designed to recognize and reward the expertise and value you deliver to your customers. There are two competencies in Secure One: Core Security and Enterprise Security.

Core Security Competency

Core Security includes the Symantec solutions that you typically sell in a volume transaction sale. We do not require accreditations for the Core Security Competency, however, extensive modules of optional sales and technical training for each solution family within this competency is available for you to learn as much as you can to serve our mutual customers better.

Enterprise Security Competency

Enterprise Security includes both the Symantec and Blue Coat solutions that you sell in a high-touch, solution sale. Because these types of sales require deep solution knowledge, we require accreditations to sell solutions in the Enterprise Security Competency, depending on the metal tier. To become a Gold partner, you must achieve a minimum of two accreditations. To become a Platinum partner, you must achieve a minimum of three accreditations. We have built flexibility into this requirement, so that you can align your technical training to your business model. You may choose to be accredited in one single solution category, as an expert in that field. Or you may choose to be accredited in multiple solution categories, as someone who sells multiple solutions to a variety of customer segments. The choice is yours.

Through achievement of Competencies, partners will have access to increasing rewards and benefits.

Requirements for Metal Tiers

Partners can achieve metal tiers within a competency based on specific requirements being met:
Silver: Partners at the Silver tier have achieved program-defined new bookings performance requirements.

Gold: Partners at the Gold tier demonstrate the capability and commitment to deliver the respective Symantec solutions. These partners have achieved program-defined new bookings performance requirements and completed the required exams, where applicable.

Platinum: Partners at the Platinum tier demonstrate advanced capabilities in the respective Competency. This elevated tier of competency indicates achievement of the top program-defined new bookings performance requirements, and an increased number of accredited specialists on staff to support our joint customers.

Competency Areas and Product Families

Each competency is mapped to cyber security solution areas, and a particular sales motion. Core Security competency is focused on solutions that require less technical expertise and a lower-touch sales motion. Enterprise Security competency is focused on solutions that require more technical expertise and a higher-touch sales motion.

Core Security Competency

Core Security
Partners with the Core Security Competency demonstrate experience in delivering endpoint management and protection capabilities for traditional endpoints (laptops, desktops, and servers) as well as modern endpoints (mobile devices and tables).

Enterprise Security Competency

Threat Protection
Partners who sell Threat Protection are recogized for their expertise helping customers address more advanced threats and targeted attacks across multiple control points, including endpoint, network, and email.

  • Symantec Endpoint Management
  • Symantec Data Center Security

Information Protection
Partners who sell Information Protection are recognized for their expertise helping customes protect and control access to their data wherever it is located: on premises, in transit, or in the cloud. They have visibility and control over how users are storying, accessing, and sharing information.

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Symantec User Authentication

Cyber Security Services
Partners who sell Cyber Security Services are recognized for their expertise in helping customers understand the strengths and gaps within the customer's security program. Partners help their customers to strengthen their security posture and extend their current operations capabilities with better threat insight and faster detection and response capabilities across the entire attack lifecycle - before, during, and after an attack.

  • Symantec Managed Security Services
  • Symantec DeepSight Security Intelligence
  • Symantec Incident Response

Blue Coat Solutions
Partners who sell Blue Coat Solutions are recognized for their expertise helping customers with web and cloud security. The Blue Coat category requires partners to complete a set of compliance requirements and be certified for a deeply technical sale.

  • Blue Coat Web Security
  • Blue Coat Performance
  • Blue Coat Security Analytics
  • Blue Coat Platform Services

Core Security

Product to Competency
Endpoint Protection Encryption* Ghost*
Web & Email Security VIP Authentication Services* Security Suites
Advanced Threat Protection Internet of Things - new Cyber Skills Development*

Enterprise Security

Product to Competency
Data Loss Prevention Managed Security Services Blue Coat Web Security Endpoint Management
User Authentication DeepSight Security Intelligence Blue Coat Performance Data Center Security
  Incident Response Blue Coat Security Analytics  
    Blue Coat Platform Services