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We offer partner programs and opportunities designed to support your business model. Learn more about the partner programs we offer and determine the program that is most appropriate for your business needs.

Enroll in a Secure One Program

Submit your enrollment request online today for the Secure One or Technology Integration Partner programs.

If your company has already enrolled in a Secure One program, then you can use this same enrollment system to add yourself to your company’s partner program account.

  1. Create a Symantec Identity account or log into your account
    Before you can submit your enrollment request, you will need to log into your Symantec Identity account. Symantec Identity is Symantec's authentication service for Symantec online systems that require account credentials and profile information.
  2. Enroll in a Program
    Once you are logged into your NSL account, select the Enroll in a Program link above. In the enrollment system you will be asked whether you wish to enroll your company into a Secure One program, or add yourself to your company’s program account. The programs you can enroll in online are:
    • Secure One - designed for partners to resell Symantec products.
    • Technology Integration Partner - designed for technology partners to integrate and certify their solutions with Symantec products.
  3. Access PartnerNet
    For company enrollment in a program, your application will be reviewed after it is submitted. The approval notice of your application will be sent in an email stating that you can now log into the Symantec partner portal, PartnerNet, with your NSL credentials.

For self-registration that connects your NSL profile to your company’s program account, you will receive an automatic email that contains a validation code. This code gives you immediate access to PartnerNet.