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During the Symantec Broadcom transition, we will not be accepting new enrollments into the Secure One Partner Program. If you need to add users to an existing membership account, visit Self-Registration.


Secure One provides a common foundation to support your business model in the Security Market and enable you to deliver an exceptional customer experience to drive new growth for your business.


Designed for partners strong
in the security market


Simple Requirements, Predictable
Benefits and Rewards


Sell More, Grow More,
Earn More

Membership Tiers

Secure One offers you differentiated rewards based on the value you deliver to customers and your commitment to your partnership with Symantec. Secure One’s multi-tiered model offers four membership tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier offers opportunities to develop your expertise in Symantec’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions and increase your rewards as you grow your new business with us.

As a PLATINUM tier partner, you are one of Symantec's most invested partners and achieved the highest level of performance through demonstrated delivery of exceptional customer value.

As a GOLD tier partner, you have invested more deeply in your Symantec partnership, strengthened your capabilities and effectively delivered the solutions customers need.

As a SILVER tier partner, you have built upon your existing skills to extend your product delivery and services capabilities.

As a REGISTERED partner, you have taken the first step in building your partnership with Symantec. Welcome!

Tier Requirements

Secure One members advance through the tiers by attaining tier-specific New Bookings thresholds and technical certifications.

  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Low Bookings
  • 0 Certified Specialists
  • Moderate Bookings
  • 2 Certified Specialists (SCS)
  • High Bookings
  • 3 Certified Specialists (SCS)

Secure One members can also attain the Gold tier by complying with at least one (1) Focus Track’s requirements.

  • Two (2) Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS)
  • Professional Service or Systems Engineering Nomination
  • Evidence of Capability
  • New Bookings Performance
  • 5 Symantec Sales Expert Plus (SSE+)
  • Minimum Number of Transactions
  • 2 Symantec Certified Masters (SCM)
BENEFITS Unlock Technical Support, access to cloud-based learning environments and more. Access to Symantec Partner Development Fund, Platform Specialist Incentive and more. Earn Master Digital Credentials, gain access to Technical Support and more.

Secure One Benefits

Financial Benefits

Secure One benefits are designed to help you deliver solutions that customers trust, help you grow your business, and accelerate your success. These benefits are cumulative, so Silver Partners are eligible for both Silver and Registered benefits; Gold Partners are eligible for Gold, Silver, and Registered benefits; and Platinum Partners are eligible for all lower-tier benefits.


  • N/A


  • Opportunity Registration*
  • Discount advantage with Renewal Incumbency* for eligible solutions
  • + All benefits of a Registered partner


  • Access to Symantec Partner Development Fund* (SPDF)
  • Higher discount on Opportunity Registration*
  • + All benefits of a Silver partner


  • Highest discount on Opportunity Registration*
  • Eligible for Platinum Performance Rebate* (PPR)
  • + All benefits of a Gold partner

*Subject to applicable terms and conditions. Access to this Benefit may vary by region and country.

Business Benefits

Secure One offers a host of planning, enablement, marketing and technical benefits that are aligned to your business cycle and designed to support your growth objectives. These benefits align to your business cycle: Plan, Enable, Market, and Support.

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