Symantec Secure One™

Become a Channel Partner

In a few easy steps, you can set yourself up as a Channel Partner. Let Symantec help you deliver the solutions customers trust, earn more by doing what you do best, and grow and evolve your business.

  • Contact a Distributor
    Ensure you have an account with a preferred Symantec Distributor to purchase products to resell.
  • Access PartnerNet
    Enroll in Symantec Secure One to gain access to resources, tools and benefits for your investments.


At Symantec, partners are essential to the success and growth of our business. We live in a culture of building strong partnerships by striving to execute a shared, focused and purposeful strategy to provide unsurpassed value to our partners. That has not changed with the integration of Blue Coat. Today, Symantec stands as a fully-integrated company with a comprehensive Enterprise security portfolio delivered to our mutual customers by one Symantec partner community.  We took the best of Symantec’s and Blue Coat’s partner programs and created a single, simple, and rewarding Secure One partner program.

Symantec and the Secure One team are committed to making you successful and helping you prosper by doing what you do best.

Secure One

Grow Your Security Business and Gain More Rewards with Secure One

Focus: Designed for Partners Strong in the Security Market

Build upon your existing skills to extend your product delivery and services capabilities through Secure One Competencies. Competencies are specifically designed to better enable you to solve customers’ security challenges from the smallest business to the largest enterprise.

Achieve: Simple Requirements, Predictable Benefits and Rewards

Devote less time to managing your Secure One membership and spend more time on your customers. Secure One has simple, easy to understand requirements, benefits and rewards. Evolve your business by expanding your offerings into the new Secure One Competency area including the Blue Coat portfolio, and attaining higher tiers. It’s that easy.

Rewarding: Sell More, Grow More, Earn More

Access financial and business benefits that payout when a deal is closed. Grow your business by reaching higher bookings and expanding your competencies. Increase your revenue with access to more opportunities than ever before to incrementally earn more.


The Symantec Secure One program includes both financial and non-financial benefits to help you grow your security business, profitably. Secure One financial benefits give you multiple opportunities to earn more. Non-financial benefits give you planning, enablement, marketing, and technical support to help you drive demand and service your customers successfully.

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The Symantec Competencies are the foundation of Secure One and are designed to recognize and reward your expertise and the value you deliver to customers. Resources that help you build your capabilities, develop your business, and gain a competitive advantage are accessible only through the achievement of Symantec Competencies in Secure One.

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Symantec Secure One Tier Overview

The entry point to the Symantec Secure One is the Registered Partner tier.

As a Registered tier partner, you’ve taken the first step in building your partnership with Symantec. You have access to core benefits, training and tools to help you build the knowledge and solutions-expertise you need to address your customers' unique business challenges. In addition, you have access to register deals via Margin Builder*.

Registered tier within Secure One does not require an achievement of Symantec Competencies.

As a Silver tier partner, you've progressed beyond the Registered tier and have achieved at least one Silver Competency, giving you access to Opportunity Registration and Renewal Incumbency benefits to help drive growth in your Symantec business.

As a Gold tier partner, you've invested more deeply in your Symantec partnership through the achievement of at least one Gold Competency. You’ve unlocked access to a richer set of financial benefits, adding in access to Symantec Partner Development Funds, along with Opportunity Registration, and Renewal Incumbency. You also have access to sales support, marketing and technical benefits.

As a Platinum tier partner, you are Symantec's most invested partner, having achieved at least one Platinum Competency. You've unlocked access to the most incentives across all financial benefits, adding in our Platinum Performance Rebate, along with Opportunity Registration, Renewal Incumbency, and Symantec Partner Development Funds. In addition, you have access to enhanced sales support, marketing and technical benefits.