Symantec Knights Program

A program that brings together the best technologists within the partner community to help build a superior security solution that empowers the customer's business.

Symantec Knights Overview

Symantec is passionate about creating incredible value for our customers by cultivating experts familiar with our technology to help customers expand their security footprint while protecting their assets. The Symantec Knights Program brings together the best technologists within the partner community to help build the best security solution that empowers the customer’s business. With this objective in mind, the Symantec Knights Program has been created to recognize and develop Symantec partner technical professionals who demonstrate consistent technical expertise selling Symantec products at a Proof of Concept (POC) level.

Symantec Knights Benefits

Symantec Knights, besides belonging to an exclusive club of on hands security experts, have access to the following benefits:

  • Welcome Kit that introduces the Knight to the program along with a few other items such as a ‘Welcome letter’ from Greg Clark, CEO of Symantec
  • Access to specialized technical resources, that may include:
    • The online “Symantec Knights” community forum to share and learn from other Knights
    • An invitation to a periodic annual conference (Round Table) with advanced content and executive access
    • Regular, in-depth technical training, that may vary by region
  • Beta Program participation (Early Access), as applicable
  • Quarterly 1:1 mentoring with a Symantec Systems Engineer (SE)
  • Option to display/promote Symantec Knights membership and logo, in accordance with the Symantec trademark policies

FY20 Knights Program Requirements

The Symantec Knights program is a nomination-based program open to all technical professionals within the Symantec partner community. Symantec SEs may nominate partners in technical roles, such as, sales engineers, solution architects, service delivery engineers, and technical support engineers. Nominated candidates must meet the qualifications below and be approved by the Knights program leadership. Meeting the below requirements alone does not ensure Knight membership.

Candidates must be:

  • Making a significant positive impact to the Symantec business without substantial dependence on Symantec SE & support teams.
  • Skilled, successful promoters of Symantec technology as demonstrated by completing at least three (3) of the following activities in any combination over the last six (6) months (again without any dependency on the Symantec SE organization):
    • Deliver a successful customer proof-of-concept (POC)
    • Deliver a successful service engagement (installation & configuration, managed service, etc.)
    • Deliver a one plus (1+) day technical workshop on an advanced topic for Symantec customers or other Symantec partners
    • Resolve a complex technical troubleshooting issue for a customer
    • Equivalent activity similar to the above with the approval of the local Knights leader
  • Employed by a Symantec partner in a technical capacity. If the candidate is employed by a Symantec Registered or Silver partner, it is recommended that a detailed description of the candidate’s business impact be submitted with the nomination.
  • Successful in EACH of the following requirements:
    • One (1) or more Symantec product certifications (SCS) that are compliant with the 24-month policy as explained in the “Secure One Certification Overview” document posted on PartnerNET
    • One (1) or more Symantec product accreditations (SSE+) achieved or refreshed in the past 24 months
    • Complete the Integrated Cyber Defense SSE course on Partner University
    • Complete the Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange SSE+ course on Partner University
    • Note: The Symantec Certified Master designation is encouraged, but not required, to be nominated for the Symantec Knights program
  • Regularly sharing expertise with the broader partner community as evidenced by completing three (3) of the following activities over the previous six (6) months:
    • Presenting Symantec technology value propositions at industry events or conferences
    • Developing advanced technical resources such as technical white papers, how-to videos & workshops, reference architectures, best practice guides, etc. (customer presentations and demos do not fulfill this requirement)
    • Contributing to Symantec partner community resources such as Symantec Connect forums, the Partner Cloud Lab (creating vApps for the partner catalog, Partner Enablement Resource Kits - PERKs, POC kits, etc.), or presenting at Knights Conferences or other Symantec events
    • Equivalent activity approved by the local Knights leader
    • Notes:
      • Links to the above resources are required so they can be reviewed during the nomination and review process
      • This requirement establishes both the ability of the candidate to develop advanced technical content as well as a willingness to share this content to improve the Symantec wider partner community. While we encourage partners to share their skills and experience, we ultimately look to the partner candidate to determine what content can and cannot be shared per the intellectual property policies of their company.
  • An active, regular participant in Symantec partner/customer events and trainings.
    • Once a candidate joins the Symantec Knights program, s/he is expected to attend the annual Symantec Knights conference and join regularly scheduled Knights training events.

Additional Program Requirement Notes

  • Symantec SEs must validate the candidate’s qualifications with these requirements before making a nomination.
  • Symantec SEs must also confirm that just by nominating a candidate they are affirming that they recognize the candidate’s as having a substantial positive impact on the Symantec business and having exemplary technical skill.
    • Additionally, the Symantec SE must be willing to regularly mentor the continued growth of the candidate once they have been approved to join the Knights program.
  • Nominations are reviewed by Knights program leaders. Only upon final approval, is the candidate recognized as a member of the program.
  • At the beginning of each Symantec fiscal year (April) the membership of each Knight in the program is reviewed and renewed based on the Knight’s continued performance and compliance with these requirements.
  • The designation as a Knight belongs to the individual and not their employer. Symantec reserves the right to cancel membership in the Knights program if an individual no longer meets the criteria or changes roles to a position that creates a conflict of interest for Symantec’s business success.

Symantec Knight Responsibilities

As part of the program, Knights are expected to perform to the following requirements.

  • Participate in the Knights community actively (at least 2x monthly)
  • Regularly communicate with the Symantec SE mentor (e.g., opportunities, projects, training, feedback, ideas, status, etc.)
  • Identify key areas in which the Knight would want to develop skills and work with the Symantec SE mentor to define an action plan
  • Share their learning and experiences – e.g., success stories, useful configurations, tips and tricks with the Symantec community

For more information about the Symantec Knights Program, please contact your local Symantec SE.