Symantec Secure One Innovators

The Symantec Secure One Innovators empowers technology partners to integrate and certify their solutions with Symantec’s product portfolio resulting in access to greater market opportunities.

Symantec Secure One Innovators Program

Partners joining the program as Solution Partners will receive access to our technology allowing them to integrate and interoperate with Symantec solutions. Members gain access to the following benefits:

  • Symantec PartnerNet Portal
  • Software Licenses
  • Use of the Symantec Secure One Innovators logo
  • Listing in the Symantec Secure One Innovators Partner Locator
  • Symantec Developer Technical Support
  • Membership to TSANet

Symantec Secure One Innovators Technology Tracks

Pursue a deeper level of engagement with Symantec by enrolling in Symantec Secure One Innovators Technology Tracks, which enable you to integrate and certify your products with our market-leading technologies.
By participating in a technology track you gain access to benefits such as Software Development Kits (SDKs), developer support and testing and validation services. Upon completion of product integration and certification, you can take advantage of the following benefits to promote the certified solution:

  • Use of Symantec Certified Technology logo or Symantec Compatible Technology logo to showcase certified/compatible products to prospective customers
  • Certified product listing in the Symantec Secure One Innovators Partner Locator
  • Participate in marketing activities available exclusively to Technology Track participants (varies by region)

Symantec Secure One Innovators Technology Tracks

Data Loss Prevention
Integrate your applications with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) via Symantec’s server FlexResponse Application Programming Interface (API), an open platform for data protection. You can develop plug-ins to call custom actions to protect confidential data found to be at risk, based on results from DLP analysis and remediation workflow. DLP allows these protections to be applied selectively and only to files and data found to be exposed in violation of an organization’s security policies. Example actions of FlexResponse plug-ins include invoking file encryption, file quarantine, setting/changing Access Control Lists (ACLs), applying Digital Rights Management (DRM) and invoking workflow.

This track enables you to integrate and distribute the PGP Development Kit (SDK) embedded within your C or C++ applications. The PGP SDK provides the same core cryptography that is at the heart of our other PGP encryption products. With the PGP SDK, your applications will be able to leverage foundational security functions including encrypting/decrypting messages and generating/verifying digital signatures

Protection Engine
The Symantec Antivirus SDK enables hardware and software vendors to integrate Symantec’s industry-leading antivirus technologies with products such as network-attached storage, data caching devices and messaging solutions. Featuring support for the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) standard, the Symantec Antivirus SDK facilitates rapid product integration.

The VIP Technology Track provides the APIs, sample code, and test accounts necessary to add two-factor authentication to partner software via VIP. After the partner has completed integration, customers will be able to seamlessly integrate two factor authentication into their client applications to strengthen their online identities (such as username and password) or easily access the VIP through their solution. Partners with certified solutions will be featured in the VIP Network Members List.

Integrate your applications with DeepSight Cyber Security Intelligence Datafeeds and Application Programming Interfaces (API's). You can develop features and capabilities in your product using security intelligence that will help customers to be proactive in reducing the risk posed by new cyber threats and vulnerabilities emerging in the ever changing cyber threat landscape.

Advanced Threat Protection
Integrate your applications with Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Platform Interfaces (API's). You can get visibility into activity that is occurring on the endpoint through the SEP agent as well as retrieve Incidents that have been triggered based on malicious or suspicious activity that has been detected by the platform.  You can orchestrate IR response actions like isolating an endpoint from the network or removing malicious files from the endpoint

Symantec Secure One Innovators Marketing

Symantec Secure One Innovators Partner Directory
You can manage your company profile in the Symantec Secure One Innovators Partner Directory. Publish your company overview and corporate logo. Once you have completed your product integration and certification through one of the Symantec Secure One Innovators Technology Tracks, you can highlight the certified product and upload relevant collateral such as brochures, data sheets, and white papers.

Submit changes and/or additions to your company’s overview, logo, and collateral and more via the Symantec Partner Finder web interface.

If you would like to have the ability to edit this content, contact to request access to Partner Finder. Content updates are published to the Symantec Secure One Innovators Partner Directory after review and approval by our program office.