Data Loss Prevention for Technology Partners

Integrate your applications with the industry’s leading Data Loss Prevention solution via Symantec’s server FlexResponse Application Programming Interface (API), an open platform for data protection.

Pursue a deeper level of engagement with Symantec by leveraging one of our Technology Integration Partners (TIPs) whose application(s) integrate with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) via Symantec’s Application Programming Interface (API), an open platform for data protection. Our DLP Technology Integration Partners products are certified with Symantec’s market-leading DLP solution.

Gartner Names Symantec a Leader in Data Loss Prevention

Evaluating 12 vendors across competitive buying criteria, Gartner has named Symantec a leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Loss Prevention. Read the full report to find out why.

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Gartner Names Symantec a Leader in Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention Technology Integration Partners

A10 Networks is a secure application services company, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that help organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure.

Accellion is a leading provider of enterprise file sharing solutions that enable secure anytime, anywhere, any device access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance.

AGAT is integrating its SphereShield product with Symantec DLP via Symantec DLP's REST API to help customers extend their Symantec DLP to monitor and protect sensitive information inside Microsoft Skype For Business.

Symantec is integrated with Bay Dynamics’ flagship analytics platform, Risk Fabric® software platform, with its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offering and other technologies, creating a central point of behavioral analytics that dynamically delivers top mitigation actions to help prevent malicious insiders from stealing sensitive data.

The combination of Boldon James Classifier and Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) reduces the likelihood of data loss by applying the insight of each knowledge worker to DLP decisions. Classifier captures the user’s view of the business value of data in the form of visual and metadata markings applied to messages and documents. This user perspective can then be used to supplement automated content scanning in order to deliver more accurate DLP outcomes with fewer “false positives”, improved user acceptance and greater risk reduction.

Your Box cloud is now part of your enterprise. Make it part of your enterprise compliance and security strategy with integrated Symantec solutions so your data and accounts in the cloud are protected along with the rest of your enterprise. Get visibility, information protection, and threat protection for Box with CloudSOC Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Malware Protection and other solutions from Symantec.

Symantec helps organizations confidently use Webex Teams while staying safe, secure, and compliant. Organizations can get visibility over how they use Webex Teams, security to protect sensitive data from exposure or loss, and protection against hackers and advanced malware with Symantec's industry-leading CloudSOC cloud access security broker, DLP, and threat protection.

Symantec DLP scans data at rest in cloud applications as well as restricts access and sharing based on the content found within the file.

CTERA’s Enterprise file services platform offering endpoint, office and cloud file services with uncompromising IT security, cloud choice and automation, integrates with Symantec DLP to enable policy enforcement upon data access or collaboration by a third person.

Cyber Observer - Symantec SEP and DLP feed the Cyber Observer security domain agnostic orchestration management and awareness solution with a goal to provide enterprise customers with a complete & holistic view of their cyber security ecosystem health status and preparedness.

Protect sensitive customer information and documents stored in your Dropbox account from data loss due to accidental or malicious use by employees or account takeovers by hackers. Identify and remediate compliance risks, such as Payment Card Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial and other types of data.

EZ Security's Workflow Mail Manager leverages Symantec DLP rules to evaluate an eventual incident of information leakage via email at the exact moment that the data flow is established. This enables assessment and deliberation to prevent the sending of the identified emails with potential leakage via a friendly web-based platform.

Fortinet's Fortigate Secure Web Gateway is a certified web proxy for Symantec DLP Network Prevent for Web to help customers monitor and prevent sensitive data loss through the Web channel.

The integration with IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform launches a security playbook that implements your incident response plan initiated by alerts from Symantec DLP. These playbooks include dynamic tasking, automation for enrichment with threat intelligence and other data, and orchestration of other investigation and response actions. Once the status of an incident changes in Resilient, the integration updates DLP status, ensuring both tools are in sync.

MOVEit File Transfer offers integration with Symantec DLP to ensure data security in files in transit as well as real-time antivirus integration with Symantec ICAP-enabled antivirus solutions, which scan all files being uploaded to MOVEit File Transfer. If an infected file is detected, MOVEit File Transfer will immediately and automatically reject the transfer of the infected file, alert end user that upload failed due to virus detection, log the virus, timestamp the scan engine version and definition tag, and report the list of infected files that have been detected during a specified time period.

Napatech's 1G and 10G high-speed network capture cards are certified with Symantec DLP Network Monitor product to help customers monitor their network traffic to understand their potential sensitive data loss risks.

By integrating Safe-T SDA with Symantec DLP and SEP, organization can now centrally control all incoming and outgoing data flows, by passing them Symantec's DLP and SEP solutions.

Phantom and DLP together provides organizations the ability to orchestrate actions when a policy violation is generated in DLP. Out of the box playbooks allow companies to quickly take action on potential attacks against their organization. Additional Symantec product integrations in Phantom allow companies to have a one stop solution to automate actions across an entire portfolio of products from the endpoint though the network.

Register to download a fully-functional version of the Phantom Security Operations Platform with access to Symantec-specific automation and orchestration playbooks.

STEALTHBits is integrating with Symantec DLP to leverage DLP's incident information to enhance its threat analytics solution. The integration enables customers to better understand the risk level of user data access and help mutual customers discover real owners of data files that violated DLP policies.

Swimlane is a security operations management platform and a company focused on empowering enterprises and government agencies with data-driven automation and orchestration for incident response and improved security operations.

Symphony is integrating with Symantec DLP REST API to enable customers extend their Symantec DLP investment to monitor and prevent sensitive loss in Symphony's secure messaging solution.

Use Titus Classification as a front-end to DLP to identify sensitive data so that your security team can optimize security policy and focus on the highest-risk areas.

VCS is a High-Availability solution that supports DLP. Customers can deploy the Veritas Clustering Service in conjunction with DLP to ensure 100% uptime of their DLP deployment.