Identity for Technology Partners

Validation and ID Protection (VIP) for Technology Partners

Protect both your enterprise and consumer applications with strong user authentication and single sign-on.

Leverage the VIP Software Development Kit (SDK) and APIs to integrate strong authentication and single-sign on for your applications. VIP within your applications allows for more than just authentication: it protects against compromised devices, risky user behavior, and fraudulent activities.

VIP Technology Integration Partners

Avatier leverages VIP's multi-factor authentication to protect customers within Avatier's identity management solutions.

VIP is integrated with Bay Dynamics' UEBA analytics platform to offer rich user and device data that allows for visibility and remediation for any risky actions.

VIP's strong authentication helps enhance security to their data classification and secure messaging products to offer customers a more robust solution.

To protect remotes access and secure virtual desktops, VIP offers multi-factor and risk-based authentication to solutions within Citrix's Ready Secure Remote Access program.

VIP has partnered with F5 to provide secure access to information and web transactions by locking down authentication to network and applications

ForgeRock's Identity Platform delivers world class Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) - enabling a holistic customer profile and experience needed to meet the demands of modern consumers. Symantec's VIP Authentication allows enterprises to ensure the benefits of CIAM aren't forfeited to fraudsters...or to a friction-heavy experience. With ForgeRock + Symantec VIP, enterprises can rest assured knowing they've met the challenge of digital customers - service, security and convenience.

IBM Security Access Manager is integrated with VIP's secure authentication to protect against unauthorized users and compromised devices.

Leverage integration with Symantec VIP to enable multifactor authentication with Luminate Secure Access Cloud, a cloud-native solution to provide access to corporate resources based on user identity, device posture and the application activity contexts, as defined by the organizational policy.

Symantec VIP natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) to allow for easy authentication into Microsoft Azure applications such as Office 365. In addition to protecting access to Microsoft's productivity applications, VIP protects the entire Microsoft end user journey. From the time an end user logs into their computer to when an end user on-boards their BYO device, VIP is there to protect against all malicious and unauthorized attempts.

Oracle manages and protects identities in Oracle Identity Manager and Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) and utilizes VIP's strong authentication to protect access both on-premises and in the cloud.

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PatientKeeper, Inc. provides EHR accelerator technology that streamlines physicians' workflow to improve efficiency and patient care. PatientKeeper offers a fully integrated application suite and modular solutions that integrate with many existing healthcare information systems to support healthcare providers in adopting technology, meeting MACRA requirements, and transitioning to value-based care. PatientKeeper has more than 65,000 active physician users today across North America and the UK.

PulseSecure and VIP have partnered together to offer a native Push notification as your multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to PulseSecure's VPN. This easy-to-use authenticator for network access increases user adoption, eases deployment and administrative burdens, and increases overall corporate security.