Messaging Security for Technology Partners

Protect your email in the cloud and on-premises with a complete messaging security solution that has the highest effectiveness and accuracy against malware, spam, and advanced threats.

Extend your email protection in the cloud and on-premises

Pursue a deeper level of engagement with Symantec by leveraging one of our Technology Integration Partners (TIPs) whose application(s) are integrated and certified with the industry-leading Symantec Messaging Security solution.

Messaging Security Technology Integration Partners

Agari stops phishing by automating the process of DMARC authentication and enforcement, ensuring that every email your customers receive claiming to be from you will actually be from you.

Cymulate is a leader under the Breach & Attack Simulation domain. Cymulate's platform allows organizations to launch simulations of cyber-attacks against themselves, immediately providing vulnerabilities and mitigation procedures to close the gaps found. The advanced technology enables organizations to automatically validate their security posture, increase the value from existing security products and improve security on a continuous basis.

Echoworx is a recognized leader in secure digital communication that provides simple, flexible policy-based encryption controls. These controls help customers keep data secure and confidential over email by safeguarding the security and privacy of emails.

Symantec customers can leverage Egress to stop users from accidentally sending emails to the wrong people and preventing data breach before it happens.

ServiceNow allows organizations to manage incidents generated from the ATP solution in the ITOPS module. If an organization has the SecOps module for ServiceNow, they are able to not only manage their incidents, but they are able to create workflows to orchestrate actions (Isolate, Remediation) when an incident is generated.

Splunk integration with Symantec accelerates detection and response to email attacks by enabling customers to export email security analytics directly into Splunk. This allows customers to get visibility into sophisticated attacks, hunt threats & correlate events across the security environment, and rapidly investigate email attacks.

Download the latest Symantec Apps for Splunk on Symantec Connect.

Valimail is the trusted leader in fully-automated email authentication, with the only comprehensive platform for anti-impersonation, brand protection, and compliance used by corporations and federal agencies. Valimail Enforce is the only FedRAMP-authorized email authentication service and, because it uses no personally identifiable information (PII), it is also GDPR compliant. Valimail authenticates billions of messages a month for some of the world's biggest companies.

The ZeroFOX Platform identifies security risks and business threats targeting employees, customers and organizations across social media & digital channels. Using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-driven analysis engines, the ZeroFOX Platform automatically identifies and remediates fraudulent accounts, phishing attacks, customer scams, exposed PII, account takeovers and more. By combining Symantec Email Data and ZeroFOX data in visualization, analytics, TIP, SOAR or SIEM systems, security teams can understand the full context of the intelligence both within and outside of their perimeter.