How it Works: Symantec Email
  • Customers point their Mail Exchange (MX) records to Infrastructure.
  • Inbound and outbound email is directed by, where it is scanned.
  • Our perimeter defenses detect and reject known malware and spam originating from known sources.
  • Proprietary Skeptic™ heuristic technology provides a vital layer of security, identifying and stopping new or unknown threats and proactively detecting and rejecting spam from unknown origins.
  • Email containing a virus is blocked and quarantined for 30 days, and the recipient is notified. Email containing Spam will be acted on according to your policy. Actions can include, block and delete, quarantine for 14 days or pass through with a tagged subject line or appended header.
  • Emails and attachments are scanned to identify and prevent specific content and inappropriate images from entering or leaving your organization. Your policies will then determine whether emails will be logged, blocked, have their subject line or header tagged, or sent to an email administrator. Attachments can also be compressed to reduce their size.
  • ‘Link following’ technology checks all web pages referenced within an email for viruses and other threats, blocking the email if malware is found on the linked sites. Suspicious links confirmed as viral will have a signature created for them so that future emails containing that link will be treated as being infected and are quarantined.
  • Administrators and / or end users manage quarantined email and spam pens as well as approved and blocked sender lists.