How it works: Symantec Web

Symantec Web facilitates comprehensive URL filtering and controls web use to help enforce your web acceptable use policy. Our web antispyware and antivirus service uses signature scanning engines plus our proprietary technology, Skepticâ„¢, to deliver the ultimate protection from the most sophisticated and targeted web-based threats.

  • Policy rules for web traffic are configured using the management portal.
  • All web traffic requests pass through the Symantec cloud platform, hosted in secure data centers worldwide.
  • When a web traffic request is received, policy rules are evaluated and processed to determine whether it is blocked or allowed to pass.
  • Different rules can be applied to different user groups and individuals, certain file types can be blocked and time or volume-based Internet consumption limits can be created.
  • Web traffic requests matching a policy, will follow default or custom rules set in place by the administrator of the service. Actions include: allow, block, log, quota, allow and log, block and log.