Inbound Messaging Security

Eliminate spam and other malicious code and provide 'clean pipes' to customers.
Inbound Messaging Security
The Symantec Messaging Security solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) significantly reduces the amount of spam and other malicious code while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.
Symantec Messaging Security Solution:
  • Guarantees highest messaging throughput by having an extremely low false-positive rate.
  • Scales easily with additional subscribers.
  • Leverages the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN).
  • Integrates the patented Symantec Traffic Shaper that already eliminates 60 – 90% of spam before it enters the network.
The unique two-tier architecture of Traffic Shaper and Message Filter at the mail transfer agent (MTA) reduces the infrastructure requirements and saves MTA resources, network bandwidth, and storage costs. CSP customers report up to 50% improved CPU performance and a 10-fold decrease in the help desk administration effort required to resolve email related cases.
Clean pipes are the foundation to generate new revenue streams with hosted and cloud services.
Products & Services

Symantec Messaging Gateway for Service Providers

Symantec Messaging Gateway for Service Providers (formerly Symantec Brightmail Message Filter and Symantec Message Filter) is an integration component enabling Service Providers to embed accurate, effective, and scalable protection against spam, malware, and phishing into their messaging infrastructure. With user selectable industry specific filtering capabilities, it meets service providers’ security needs without imposing a significant administrative burden. Backed by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, Messaging Gateway for Service Providers protects over 850 million mailboxes and over 200 service providers globally.

Symantec Messaging Gateway

Symantec Messaging Gateway enables organizations to secure their email and productivity infrastructure with effective and accurate real-time antispam and antimalware protection, targeted attack protection, advanced content filtering, data loss prevention, and email encryption. Messaging Gateway is simple to administer and catches more than 99% of spam with less than one in a million false positives. Defend your email perimeter, and quickly respond to new messaging threats with this market leading messaging security solution.



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