Outbound Messaging Security

Protect your IP reputation and avoid becoming ‘blacklisted’.
Outbound Messaging Security

Proactive Control of your network reputation

Proactive Control of your network reputation Outbound Spam is becoming a serious challenge for Communications Service Providers. Just the Top 10 infected subscribers can create 50% of outbound spam in fixed or mobile networks. The IP address rotation among subscribers multiplies the problems and quickly results in negative IP address reputation within the CSP’s network. Operators Public IP addresses become blacklisted and blocked. As a consequence, even legitimate messages from clean subscribers are automatically flagged as spam and will end up not being delivered. Service Providers suffer increased customer dissatisfaction and customer care costs to deal with complaints and the process of IP address reinstatement.
Symantec’s Next Generation Network Protection addresses these outbound spam challenges with a superior proactive Messaging reputation solution and mapping of dynamic source IP addresses to unique subscriber identifiers like the MSISDN in mobile networks. It avoids blacklisting, optimizes the operator’s network resources and significantly reduces customer services call.