Smart Grid

Secure, manage and protect the Smart Grid.
Smart Grid
Smart Grid is a fundamental transformation in the way electricity is generated, managed and delivered to customers. From generation and transmission, through distribution and consumption, the addition of networking capabilities and computerized intelligence to previously isolated grid elements will enable increased opportunities for remote management, monitoring and automation, as well as the incorporation of alternative sources of energy. It will afford customers improved information to enable fine-grained control over their own energy demand.
The opportunity for consumers to monitor and manage their own energy usage through timely information and appropriate pricing incentives is a major benefit, as is the potential to incorporate alternative and renewable sources of power such as solar and wind.
While all of these advances hold the promise of better efficiency, lower costs and greater manageability they also come with great responsibility. The Smart Grid requires a huge amount of data to make real time decisions. This makes the opportunity for fraud and other security risks high. Regulatory issues that include privacy and compliance are a huge deployment consideration. In addition, overall management of the end to end grid involves huge consideration of issues like cyber security, insider risks and systems monitoring. This will require a robust set of solutions that address key operational requirements such as:
  • Operations Security
  • Management of data explosion
  • Embedding security with data
  • Managing endpoints
Symantec addresses the need for an end-to-end security proposition for the entire Smart Grid. This accelerates the realization of Smart Grids promise of manageable, multi sourced, and lower cost energy.
Communications Service Providers are ideally positioned to become a strong Smart Grid partners of the utilities in many ways. By integrating Symantec security solutions like device authentication for Smart Meters or Managed Security Services for the IP networks, they provide additional value added services on top of the pure connectivity with fixed or M2M networks.

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