Cloud for Communications Service Providers


Cloud for Communications Service Providers

According to the Telco delegates at the May 2011 STL Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm conference, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will grow their cloud services revenues by 900% and triple their overall market share in the next three years. Indeed CSPs are in a superb position to become strong cloud players for 'Information Protection as a Service.'
Consume delivers cloud services for securing and managing information to consumers and enterprises. CSPs are partnering with Symantec to bring these ready-to-go cloud services to their customers – either Symantec branded, co-branded, or completely branded as the CSP solution.
Driven by compliance pressure and the need to deal with a huge amount of data, CSPs have already gained a lot of experience to protect and manage their internal IT information. Leveraging their communication networks, they can now monetize their skills and investments by providing various Information protection services to their customer base and target markets. Symantec is already successfully partnering with leading CSPs and IT outsourcers to provide 'Clean Pipes' and cloud services such as Backup, Archiving, Desktop, and Security as a Service to their residential and enterprise target markets.
Symantec provides interoperability between on-premise software and cloud services. Customers with on-premise software are able to backup or archive data into private clouds built by the Communications Service Providers.

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