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Breach Prevention Solutions Overview

Breach Prevention

Breach Prevention Solutions Overview

Information Technology is revolutionizing healthcare, with widespread benefits. The adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) is dramatically improving care coordination and patient safety while reducing healthcare costs. Patient records can now be accessed from anywhere, allowing physicians to cooperate with one another and quickly make crucial decisions that save lives.
However, our increasing reliance on technology has also introduced new levels of risk. As technology advances, healthcare IT must combat greater threats to digital information. With larger numbers of patient records digitized, and new regulations widening the HIPAA penalty to include business associates and subcontractors, health data breaches are surging.
The good news is, healthcare data breaches are preventable. Understanding security best practices and adopting a combination of security technology solutions and policies that occur at all levels of the organization can effectively protect your data. Providers are seeking solutions that address the following:
  • Lock Down End Users and the Infrastructure
  • User Authentication
  • Maintain a single, secure access point to cloud applications
  • Anti-malware Monitoring
  • Encryption
  • eDiscovery

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