Rewards Program

The Symantec Rewards Program is for mid-sized to large organizations and affiliates that need streamlined procurement, volume-purchasing incentives, predictable pricing, and de-centralized purchasing under a common Symantec Agreement Number (SAN). The Rewards Program provides discounts for aggregated purchasing volume across distributed organizations and affiliates, plus flexible procurement processes to simplify buying in large, decentralized organizations—especially multinationals.
Enrollment in the Symantec Rewards Program is through MySymantec. From MySymantec, use the automated application to enroll in the Rewards Program. Symantec will issue a Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) with which to begin placing Rewards orders. Annual membership renewals are automatic, so no further action is required.


  • Available for all software products
  • Rewards purchasing volume and ongoing relationship
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Online account management and tracking
  • Enables support and maintenance service co-termination
  • Simple ordering process

Enhancements for the Rewards Program

Enrollment Process for Rewards

Symantec is pleased to announce that effective early 2009, there will be an enhancement made to the Rewards Licensing Program. Customers wishing to participate in the Rewards Program will no longer need to accept the terms and conditions online via MySymantec. They will simply enroll via MySymantec to obtain a SAN.
For more information on this new enhancement, please review the Rewards Program Change Communication.

Rewards Program Bands

Each band represents a discount range* applied to new purchases.
Band Levels Minimum Quantities
A 2,000–11,999
B 12,000-19,999
C 20,000-49,999
D 50,000-99,9999
E 100,000+
* Band levels are based on points accumulated from purchases made. The initial order sets the initial price band. Then, aggregated points accumulation creates an opportunity to move your organization into more advantageous price bands. Band levels for ongoing purchasing are adjusted annually based on points earned in the prior year. Discounts are provided to the entity placing the order with Symantec. For channel orders Symantec provides the appropriate band level pricing to the channel partner, and the customer then arranges pricing the order with its reseller.

Rewards Program Features

Feature Rewards Program
Minimum purchase requirements 2,000 points initial order **
Agreement Type Online terms and conditions
Discounts Based on terms of program/accumulated points
License deployment rights Based on program terms
De-centralized purchasing (subsidiaries/affiliates) Yes
Available support and maintenance services Yes
Consolidation of support and maintenance services Yes
Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) Yes
** Points are assigned as a calculated value based on product, purchase volume and amount, region and currency rates. See the Rewards Program Guide for details.
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