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Business Challenge: Service Management


Align the delivery of IT services to end users with needs of the organization by shifting the focus from evaluating each individual component to the delivery of end-to-end services


  • Tracking resources better under constant pressure to align with budget
  • Ensuring software license compliance and optimizing software investments
  • Reducing cost of maintaining current help desk and asset management systems by moving toward shared automation
  • Improving incident management and the ability to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible
Service Management
Actively manage the entire asset lifecycle and align service resources with ITIL to optimize your IT investments. Using Symantec’s service management software, businesses can:
  • Discover, manage, and support IT assets throughout their lifecycles
  • Align service and asset management resources to industry standards
  • Improve employee productivity and reduce operational expenses
  • Make IT staff more productive and strategic by automating processes
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