Mobile Adoption

Embrace mobility with confidence, with the most comprehensive set of mobile technologies from any single vendor.
Embrace mobility with confidence
Embrace mobility with confidence.
Consider the opportunities that mobility can bring to your business. Symantec can help:
  • Manage your mobile devices alongside your PCs and Macs.
  • Access all your endpoints from the same console.
  • Avoid installing new servers or learning new skills.

Mobile Adoption

Providing email on a few executive iPads is a relatively simple matter that may be addressed easily with any of a number of mobile device management solutions. But what is the next step? Smart phones and tablets are the newest endpoints and may soon outnumber laptops, and productivity in the future will rely more heavily on these new devices. Supporting mobile access, connectivity, data protection, support, applications, etc. will take more than MDM, just as managing and protecting laptops and PCs relies on an entire ecosystem of enterprise solutions.
Symantec understands the scope and responsibility of protecting mobile devices and mobile data now and into the future, and is best equipped to address the wide range of use cases that our customers must be able to support. View, manage and protect ALL of your endpoints (PCs, laptops, Macs, smart phones, tablets) from one familiar console, with no new servers to install and full integration with existing enterprise systems.

Symantec Products that Support Mobile Adoption

Mobile Management

Configuration control, inventory, policy deployment, app and content distribution.

Mobile Security Suite for Windows Mobile

Anti-malware, threat protection, reputation-based browsing.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitoring, notification and blocking of sensitive data originating from mobile devices.

App Center Enterprise Edition

Allows policy and security controls per application.

Symantec O3

An identity controlled gateway for cloud applications and services.


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