Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be the key to a successful mobile strategy and may provide significant competitive advantages.
Secure and deploy apps with confidence
Secure and deploy apps with ease.
Line-of-business apps or custom apps unique to your business can open avenues to:
  • Greater productivity.
  • End-user flexibility.
  • Business opportunity.

Mobile Apps

71% of businesses are already moving toward custom applications as a key element in their mobile strategy*, and well over half are leveraging line-of-business apps on mobile devices. These apps will have access to critical business networks and data, so they must be appropriately secured and protected. Whether the target device is owned by the company or by the end user, it is a few specific applications that will access critical networks, view and store sensitive data, and send company information over the airwaves.
IT managers can easily secure these communications and protect data from theft and loss with application specific controls. Line of business and custom applications may be protected after development to provide additional controls, like requiring additional user authentication, encrypting all stored data, destroying expired stored data, blocking access on rooted or jailbroken devices, blocking the APIs that allow document sharing, and others. If data and access can be sufficiently controlled at the app level, development may be simplified and there is less need to try to manage the entire device. This may be a simpler solution that addresses privacy concerns on BYOD devices, and will live up to the strongest industry regulations, at the same time.
*Symantec, "State of Mobility Survey," Global Findings 2012

Symantec Products that Support Apps

Mobile Management

Configuration control, inventory, policy deployment, app and content distribution.

App Center Enterprise Edition

Allows policy and security controls per application.

Symantec O3

An identity controlled gateway for cloud applications and services.


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