Clearwell Certification

Notice to Clearwell Customers

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Clearwell Certification Merged with the Symantec Certification Program

As a result of the Symantec/Clearwell merger, the Clearwell Certification Program was merged into the Symantec Certification Program. Due to differences in testing and certification methodology, the legacy Clearwell certification qualifications are not recognized under the Symantec Certification Program. The legacy Clearwell Certification credentials were retired following the release of a new Clearwell certification credential based on the Symantec Certification Program qualifications and standards. To help understand this change, please review the following Frequently Asked Questions:
"I understand that the existing Clearwell Credentials have been retired, but what comes next?"
The Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS) Clearwell eDiscovery 7.x credential became available in September 2012. Click here to learn more about the exam details and recommended preparation. Stay connected to the Symantec Certification Program website to learn about new exams and recent program updates.
"Are there any upgrade exams or credentials I should be aware of?"
There are no new [upgrade] exams to complete for any of the Clearwell suite of products under the current Symantec Certification Program. As any new certification exams are developed and made available as part of the Symantec Certification Program, notifications will be sent out to candidates holding legacy Clearwell awards.
"Has my existing Clearwell Certification expired?"
Clearwell certification merged with the Symantec Certification Program. The legacy Clearwell certification qualifications are not recognized under the Symantec Certification Program. No action is required to maintain a legacy "Clearwell certification" that was achieved prior to the merger of the Clearwell product solutions under the Symantec Certification Program.
"How can I learn more if I have additional questions?"
To be notified of any new Clearwell releases, send an email to
"How do I verify my credential(s) status?"
View current award status through CertTracker.
"What if I purchased a Clearwell University (CWU) class prior to the Symantec/Clearwell merger, but haven’t registered yet?"
Enroll in the new Symantec 3-day course - Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Processing, Review and Export. This course supersedes the legacy Clearwell University Administrator (CWU). It consists of 3 full days of instruction with new richer content and additional lab exercises. Please note, this course does not include an exam voucher. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email Someone will respond back to you within 48 hours.