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250-351: Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 5.0 for Windows

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Exam Details

# of Questions: 70 - 80
Exam Duration: 90 minutes (with Borderline survey included)
Passing Score: 73%

Answer each question then check the correct answers provided at the bottom of the page.
1. A cluster configuration file named is present in the current working directory.
Which command is used to validate recent changes that were made to the file?
  • a. haconf -verify
  • b. hacf -validate
  • c. hacf -verify
  • d. haconf –validate
2. A system has two HBAs with only two paths to a supported Active/Active array.
Before installing Storage Foundation for Windows, what should you do?
  • a. disable one of the HBAs
  • b. enable both of the HBAs
  • c. set paths equal to Active/Passive
  • d. set paths equal to Active/Passive concurrent
3. An update to SQL Server makes changes to registry keys on the active system.
Which type of resource copies these changes to the target system on failover?
  • a. RegKey
  • b. KeyRep
  • c. Replicate
  • d. RegRep
4. Given the following configuration:
group SG1(
             SystemList = {SystemA = 1, SystemB = 2 }
             AutoStartList = { SystemA }
             Frozen = 1
IP ip0 (
             MACAddress@SystemA = "00-60-08-08-BA-C4"
             MACAddress@SystemB = "00-90-27-28-5A-7E"
             Address = ""
             SubNetMask = ""
NIC nic0 (
             MACAddress@SystemA = "00-60-08-08-BA-C4"
             MACAddress@SystemB = "0090-27-28-5A-7E"
ip0 requires nic0

All of the systems in the cluster are rebooted simultaneously. All of the systems finish booting and successfully join the cluster.

What is the state of the SG1 service group?
  • a. Online on systemA
  • b. Offline on systemA
  • c. Online on the first system to join the cluster
  • d. Frozen on the first system to join the cluster
5. If two systems are specified in AutoStartList and SystemList for a failover service group, and all other service group attributes are set to default values, where is the service group brought online when the cluster starts up?
  • a. both systems listed in AutoStartList
  • b. the first system listed in AutoStartList only
  • c. the first system listed in SystemList
  • d. neither system because AutoStartList is invalid
6. What is the default stripe unit size of a simple striped volume?
  • a. 32 sectors
  • b. 96 sectors
  • c. 128 sectors
  • d. 256 sectors
7. Which agent entry point can be prevented from running by changing the ManageFaults service group attribute?
  • a. online
  • b. action
  • c. clean
  • d. offline
8. Which command can be used to check existing license keys on a system?
  • a. vxprintlic
  • b. vxlicrep
  • c. vxlic
  • d. vxlicprint
9. Which information, in addition to the console address, is required to configure the notifier for SNMP? (Choose two.)
  • a. the location of the SNMP Veritas Cluster Server MIB
  • b. the port number to use on the console
  • c. the e-mail address of the user to whom traps are sent
  • d. the severity of messages to send to the console
  • e. the Windows user name to which messages are sent
10. Which resource type attribute can be set in order to modify Veritas Cluster Server failover characteristics?
  • a. Flags
  • b. RestartLimit
  • c. OfflineTimeout
  • d. OfflineMonitorInterval
11. Which two files are utilized by Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to verify server names during VCS startup? (Choose two.)
  • a. llttab.txt
  • b. llthosts.txt
  • c. gabtab.txt
  • d.
  • e.
12. You are using the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Java console to connect to a VCS Simulator session that is running within a production VCS cluster. The Java console is unable to connect to the VCS Simulator session.
What are two possible causes for the connection problem? (Choose two.)
  • a. HAD for the production VCS cluster is not running.
  • b. The VCS Simulator is not running.
  • c. The port number is incorrect.
  • d. The hashadow process for the VCS cluster is hung.
  • e. The ClusterService group is offline.
13. You want to add a new node into an existing cluster using the Veritas Cluster Server Configuration Wizard. The existing nodes are using Windows 203 64-bit SP2.
Which configuration is valid for adding the new node to the cluster?
  • a. Windows 2003 64-bit SP2, three network adapters with the public NIC configured to use DHCP, and Workgroup membership
  • b. Windows 2003 32-bit SP2, three network adapters with the public NIC configured to use DHCP, and Workgroup membership
  • c. Windows 2003 64-bit SP2, three network adapters with the public NIC configured to use a static IP Address, and Domain membership
  • d. Windows 2003 32-bit SP2, three network adapters with the public NIC configured to use a static IP Address, and Domain membership
14. You run the following command and receive error messages:
             C:\>hastatus -sum
             VCS ERROR V-16-1-10600 Cannot connect to VCS engine
             VCS WARNING V-16-1-11046 Local system not available

What could be the cause of these error messages?
  • a. The files contain syntax errors.
  • b. GAB has yet to seed on this system.
  • c. Systems are in STALE_ADMIN_WAIT state.
  • d. Systems are in ADMIN_WAIT state.
15. Which two statements are true about adding a mirror to a volume? (Choose two.)
  • a. Only concatenated or striped volumes can be mirrored.
  • b. By default, a mirror is created with the same layout as the original volume.
  • c. A volume can have up to 64 mirrors.
  • d. Disks with mirrors can be in different disk groups.
  • e. Mirrors must reside on the same LUN.
16. Which statement is true about configuring the parent and child relationships among the resources in a service group?
  • a. The parent resources require the child resources.
  • b. The child resources can only have one parent resource.
  • c. The child resources require the parent resources.
  • d. The parent resources can only have one child resource.
17. Which management interface is useful for managing storage in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) environment?
  • a. Logical Disk Manager
  • b. Microsoft Management Console
  • c. VCS Simulator
  • d. Veritas Enterprise Administrator
18. Which command is used to install Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows in a silent mode?
  • a. setup.exe
  • b. vxinstall.exe
  • c. install.exe
  • d. vxsetup.exe
19. Which application is capable of being clustered?
  • a. one that is bound to a system using a hardware dongle
  • b. one that is hardcoded to store its data on the C:\ drive
  • c. one that is bound to a system using a MAC address
  • d. one that is bound to a system using an IP address
20. Where does Storage Foundation store the configuration database?
  • a. plex region
  • b. private region
  • c. public region
  • d. primary region
21. Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) needs to be updated on systems running in a production environment. There are two service groups currently running in a cluster that has two systems. VCS is to be stopped on all systems in the cluster in order to apply the update without any application downtime.
What is the proper VCS command to accomplish this?
  • a. hastop -all
  • b. hastop -all -force
  • c. hasys -all -force
  • d. hasys –all
22. How do you enable the setting of different values for the MACAddress attribute of the NIC resource named NetNIC?
  • a. localize the MACAddress atribute of the NetNIC resource
  • b. localize the MACAddress attribute of the NIC resource type
  • c. override the MACAddress attribute of the NIS resource type
  • d. set different values in the PerSystem attribute of the NetNIC resource
23. Dynamic multipathing performs load balancing by allocating the data transfer across the possible paths in the Active/_____ mode.
  • a. Active
  • b. Primary
  • c. Passive
  • d. Secondary
24. An administrator verified compatibility of a Windows Service Pack.
What is the next step involved in applying the Service Pack on a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) node?
  • a. start the Service Pack installation process
  • b. freeze service groups and then evacuate the node
  • c. switch online service groups to another node
  • d. stop the VCS engine, LLT, and GAB on all nodes
25. A resource has the ResourceOwner attribute set to Marc. The resource has faulted.
Who can clear the fault?
  • a. any Cluster Administrator
  • b. any Cluster Guest
  • c. a Windows domain user named Marc, with or without a Veritas Cluster Server account
  • d. a Veritas Cluster Server user named Marc, with Cluster Guest priveleges
Answers: 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b, 5-b, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-b&d, 10-b, 11-b&d, 12-b&c, 13-c, 14-b, 15-a&b, 16-a, 17-d, 18-a, 19-d, 20-b, 21-b, 22-a, 23-a, 24-c, 25-a

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