Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive

In-vehicle security analytics that helps OEMs protect against the wide range of cyber-attacks facing modern connected vehicles.

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Cutting-edge security analytics fit for the vehicle

Anomaly Detection for Automotive passively monitors all CAN bus traffic, learns what is normal behavior, and flags anomalous activity that may indicate an attack.

Automatic learning and policy creation

  • Learns all the behaviors in a vehicle from message traffic
  • Detection does not require writing rules or policies

Protects against wide range of vehicle attacks

  • Deep Packet Inspection of every message
  • Detects anomalies in message patterns, payload values, traffic rates and other device activity on the bus

Breadth and depth of detection in vehicle

  • Analytics “in-vehicle” allows customers to only send aggregated data and learned baselines off vehicle while still inspecting every message

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System Requirements

  • Anomaly Detection for Automotive does not require new hardware
  • Small footprint allows multiple deployment options:
    • Head unit
    • In-vehicle security gateway module
    • On-board diagnostics (OBD-2) port device
    • Any other module where the CAN Bus traffic can be seen
  • Compatible with nearly all hardware and operating systems – including many embedded platforms
  • Minimal compute and memory requirements

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