Symantec Command Line

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Protect Confidential Data in Automated Business Processes

Symantec Command Line powered by PGP Technology enables organizations to quickly and easily integrate encryption into batch processes, scripts, and applications to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit. Whether your challenge is protecting credit card information, financial transactions, payroll, medical records, or other confidential information, Command Line's scriptable encryption is a key part of an organization's data protection tool kit.

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The Truth About Email/Web Security

As new threats unfold in 2020, you’ll need both the right strategy and the right set...

Posted: 16 Jan, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Symantec Enterprise Division: Sharing Ain’t Always Caring

Phishing and the Era of Abusing File Sharing Services

Posted: 16 Dec, 2019 | 6 Min Read

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Symantec Enterprise Division Joins Broadcom

Creating one integrated Cyber Defense Platform

Posted: 18 Nov, 2019 | 2 Min Read

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The Tea Cup Security Conundrum, or How to Prevent Targeted Attacks

Endpoint Security protects against hard-to-find threats at every stage of the attack chain, blocking hackers from...

Posted: 18 Nov, 2019 | 9 Min Read

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Supported Operating Systems

Symantec PGP Command Line is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX. For the current list of supported platforms, please see

Additional technical information is posted on the Support section of the Symantec website,

Public Key Formats
  • OpenPGP (RFC 4880)
  • X.509 v3
Directory Servers
  • LDAP
  • Symantec Encryption Management Server
  • PGP® Global Directory
Symmetric Key Algorithms
  • AES (up to 256-bit keys)
  • CAST5
  • TripleDES
  • IDEA
  • Twofish
  • Blowfish*
  • Arc4 (128-bit keys)

*Support for Blowfish is limited to decrypting existing messages encrypted with Blowfish or encrypting to existing keys that specify Blowfish as the preferred cipher.

  • SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
  • MD5
  • RIPEMD-160
Public Key Algorithms
  • Diffie-Hellman (up to 4096-bit keys)
  • DSA (1024-bit keys only, verification up to 3072 bits)
  • RSA (up to 4096-bit keys)
Command Line for IBM Power Systems and IBM Mainframes

Command Line products for IBM System i and IBM System z Mainframes can be purchased from Syncsort. Please see the Support article for details.


Symantec Encryption Management Server

Symantec Encryption Management Server works together with PGP Command Line to create, organize, distribute, store, and track encryption keys. You can replace the locally managed keys used for your automated file transfer processes with centralized, secure key management from the Encryption Management Server.

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