Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Risk-prioritized data center security operations and compliance

Symantec Control Compliance Suite delivers business-aware security and risk visibility so that customers are effectively able to align priorities across security, IT operations, and compliance. It automates continuous assessments and delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities. Customers can harden the data center, prioritize security remediation, enable a secure migration to the software-defined data center, and support continuous assessments for Cyber Security and Continuous Monitoring.

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Assess Infrastructure: Automate Technical Controls Assessments

Infrastructure grows and changes rapidly. This makes it very difficult for organizations to keep tabs on compliance.
Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager enables you to automate IT Infrastructure assessments with best-in-class, pre-packaged content. Identify configuration and misconfigured assets and prioritize technical controls for remediation across IT Ops, Security Ops, and compliance.

  • Discover rogue networks and assets
  • Harden your server and virtual infrastructure
  • Role-based and operational mandate-based reporting on security configuration

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Assess Infrastructure

Demonstrate Compliance: Assessment and Reporting of Procedural Controls

Different mandates and policies demand various controls. Often, there is a lot of overlap in controls across these policies. In order to demonstrate procedures are within compliance consistently and regularly, nothing beats automation. Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager provides out-of-box support for 100+ regulations and standards and also helps automate the assessments.

  • Track responses, acceptances, review requests, and evidence
  • Enable collaborative assessments via N-level delegation and tracking
  • Current Maintenance keeps your product up-to-date with the latest regulations and statutes, best practice frameworks and provides 24/7 technical support.

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Demonstrate Compliance

Manage Risk: Assess Risk For Security Operations and Prioritize Remediation

Understanding risk requires that risk be quantified. Organizations can focus on fixing the most critical deviations first and also project risk reduction over time as scheduled remediation activities take place. Control Compliance Suite Risk Manager allows you to define risk objectives you want to measure against, map risk objectives to assets and controls, and assign owners and stakeholders.

  • Define business-centric risk objectives and thresholds; map risks to assets, controls and owners
  • Prioritize security and audit findings according to business criticality
  • Optimize resource allocation via risk-based remediation
  • Generate risk-based dashboards for multiple stakeholders
  • Project risk reduction over time and prioritize remediation efforts
Manage Risk
Context-aware Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Analysis

Mitigate Threats: Context-aware Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Analysis

Most vulnerability management solutions do little to help security leaders put vulnerability and risk information in the context of business. Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager will proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across network, web, mobile, cloud, virtual, and IoT infrastructure.

  • Discover network, web, mobile, cloud, virtual, and IoT infrastructure
  • Profile asset configuration and risk potential
  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities, malware and attacks
  • Trigger remediation through integration with 3rd party systems
  • Report on vulnerabilities, compliance, benchmarks, etc. 


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