Symantec offers a number of encryption technologies to ensure your information is protected. Free trials are available for the products listed below.


  Endpoint Encryption Drive Encryption
(included in Endpoint Encryption license)
Endpoint Protection Cloud plus Encryption
(available in selected territories)
Management console On-premise On-premise Cloud
Manages BitLocker  
Manages FileVault 2
Manages Symantec Encryption Agent  
Removable Media Support    
Supports Opal Compliant Self-encrypting Drives    
Key Recovery Self-service and help-desk support Self-service and help-desk support Help-desk support
Standalone Deployment    
Linux Support    


Endpoint Encryption

Symantec’s leading encryption solution, supporting Symantec’s proprietary encryption technology, BitLocker, FileVault 2, Opal compliant self-encrypting drives and removable media drives. Supports large networks of computers and offers multiple key management and recovery options.

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Endpoint Protection Cloud plus Encryption

100% cloud managed endpoint protection and encryption product designed for customers requiring a simple security experience. This product supports BitLocker and FileVault 2.

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Symantec Encryption Desktop

Suitable for specialist applications (eg standalone installation) or part of an integrated encryption deployment alongside File Share and Email Gateway encryption. Supports Linux operating systems.

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Other Encryption solutions

Command Line

Command Line from Symantec enables organizations to quickly and easily integrate encryption into batch processes, scripts and applications to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit.

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Desktop Email Encryption

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption provides end-to-end email protection for users and maintains message encryption on internal systems.

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File Share Encryption

Symantec File Share Encryption provides file and folder level encryption with simple to use drag-and-drop technology including protection for files being sent to Dropbox. Encrypted files retain their encryption as they move around the organization.

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Gateway Email Encryption

Symantec Gateway Email Encryption allows organizations to protect outgoing email messages without the need to install software on the client. Key not found options allow recipients to receive encrypted messages even when they do not have an encryption solution in place.

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