Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response Cloud

Expose outliers hiding in your environment

Examine your entire endpoint environment to discover rogue software, suspicious user actions and network connections.

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Quickly Detect Software, Network and User Activity Markers Attackers Leave Behind

When attackers operate in your environment, their tools, malware, and user activity stands out as anomalies.

  • Expose endpoints that have unusual software, build discrepancies, and unpatched systems.
  • Uncover attackers acting as legitimate users.
  • Detect stealthy threats with forensic analysis of in-memory processes, files, and OS objects.
  • Identify irregular IP addresses and domains.

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The Best Security Analysts at Your Service

Extensive built-in playbooks automate the skills and best practices of skilled cyber security investigators.

  • Expose suspicious behaviors, unknown threats, lateral movement, and policy violations – automatically.
  • Enhance investigator skills with playbook views that illustrate expert hunting and investigation procedures.
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks and create custom investigation flows.

Gain Greater Insights into Complex Cyber Data

EDR Cloud's interactive graphics transforms large amounts of cyber data into actionable results.

  • Quickly learn the source, timing, and impact of an incident with graphic alerts.
  • Understand the contextual relationship between unrelated data types with visual link analysis.
  • Transform collected data into targeted investigations and relevant reports.

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