Encrypted Traffic Management

Gain visibility into encrypted traffic to stop threats

Most cyber threats hide in encrypted communications — up to 70 percent of all traffic. Symantec Proxy and SSL Visibility Appliance decrypt traffic, support infrastructure security to maintain privacy and data integrity.

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Manage encrypted traffic with SSL Visibility Appliance

Feed your security infrastructure

Symantec SSL Visibility Appliance provides visibility into all your encrypted traffic, supporting SSL/TLS decryption and inspection capabilities for your existing network security and advanced threat protections. Incorporating the Symantec Global Intelligence Network for up-to-date threat insights and traffic categorization, this appliance facilitates complete policy enforcement.

  • Identify SSL/TLS traffic, regardless of TCP port or application
  • Decrypt once, feed multiple security infrastructure tools
  • Preserve privacy and compliance with selective decryption.
  • Ensure highest security encryption and data integrity.

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Symantec Proxy

Stop threats hiding in encrypted traffic — with privacy

Symantec Proxy provides selective decryption, inspection, and orchestration of SSL and HTTPS web traffic. Based on established policies, it decrypts traffic, then shares it with your antivirus, advanced threat protection, sandbox, and data loss prevention for analysis. The Encrypted TAP option shares SSL-decrypted traffic to third-party monitoring and logging systems for further analysis, archiving, and network forensics.

  • Preserve compliance with selective traffic decryption
  • Extract and orchestrate documents to other security solutions
  • Prevent delivery of malicious payloads
  • Stream decrypted data to forensics infrastructure

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Eliminate threats with certification

Partner solutions comply and protect

With Encrypted Traffic Management Ready Certification, technology partners can build applications to combat threats hidden in encrypted traffic while preserving privacy, policy, and regulatory compliance.

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Encrypted Traffic Management Ready Certification

Certified solutions eliminate hidden threats.

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