Symantec Identity Access Manager

Next-generation access control platform for the cloud

In the cloud, where a traditional enterprise perimeter doesn't exist, Symantec fills the gap. This platform integrates Single Sign-On (SSO) with strong authentication, access control, and user management for cloud-based applications. Deployed your way, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Protect sensitive information

Together, cloud and mobile have changed the IT industry and the way people view and use technology forever. Identity Access Manager is a versatile single sign-on solution that offers:


  • Deployed on-premises or in the cloud on high availability architecture
  • Dynamic Identity and/or context-based policies


  • Access to just the apps you need: Office 365, Box, custom apps, and more
  • Easy Passwordless Authentication using Symantec VIP or Managed PKI Services to secure access
  • Transparently authenticate users from multiple identity sources (ex. Active Directory, LDAP, Oracle DB, SAML Identity Provider)


  • Visibility in to all user and access activities

Identity Access Manager also complements existing identity management solutions that don’t easily support cloud-based apps.

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Integrated SSO, Strong Authentication And Access Control

Single Point of Control

Regain control of your cloud-based apps

In the cloud there is no traditional perimeter, this lack of control puts your sensitive information at risk.  Into the void steps “Identity” as the new means to control access to the myriad of cloud-based apps available in the enterprise. Identity Access Manager acts as your single point of control:

  • Deployment your way: hosted in Symantec’s cloud or as a lightweight Virtual Machine on-premise (or using Amazon Web Services).
  • A flexible policy engine to create dynamic policies based on user’s identity (ex. group, role) or session context (ex. IP address, device types). This ensures users have access to applications for which they are entitled, to reduce corporate exposure and information risk.
  • Tight integration with Symantec Strong authentication products for an additional layer of security to access applications.

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Regain Control


Convenience Improves Security for Users and Administrators

If you want to improve security, make it easier. Users will find their way around cumbersome user experiences; that’s why Identity Access Manager makes accessing your cloud-based apps easy, but not less secure.

  • Reduce password fatigue and user errors: Enable Passwordless user authentication to an extensive application catalog via Symantec VIP or Managed PKI Services.
  • Authentication from multiple identity sources, e.g. Active Directory, LDAP, Oracle DB, SAML Identity Provider, keeps your existing environment intact. Configuration is easy and transparent to users.
  • Quick onboarding of temporary employees or contractors with the self-service registration capabilities of the local directory store.
  • Set up different user stores into Access Manager for authentication and more importantly, the ability to aggregate attributes from those sources for policy management.

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