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Surpass insecure passwords with VIP two-factor authentication, protecting all your enterprise and consumer applications.

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Security Through Trusted Enterprise Authentication

Eliminate up to 63 percent of breaches with strong authentication

  • Positively identify a user (enhancing your existing static password) with a dynamic, second factor of authentication that cannot be predicted or stolen
  • Symantec VIP is not limited to VPN, but can adapt to nearly any network, cloud, or mobile app with built-in integrations.
  • Rest assured with reliability and scalability for even the largest enterprises with our 20-year proven track record of 80 million validations per month.

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Convenience That Feeds Productivity

Work anytime, anywhere, from any device

  • Intelligently authenticate users by interpreting login patterns, locations, and risk with our Symantec Global Intelligence Network, so that those who need Two-Factor will receive it transparently
  • Simplify security with a broad range of multi-factor (MFA) options that are as easy as one-tap Push, fingerprint, or even hands free
  • Provide universal secure access from any device, anywhere, to only the cloud-based apps your users need, with tightly integrated strong authentication and single sign-on (SSO)

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Reduce IT Burden and Control Costs

Reduce total cost of ownership up to 60 percent over three years

  • Instantly deploy globally via the cloud with no specialized knowledge or infrastructure
  • Offload registration, deployment, and management of credentials with an intuitive self-service portal and free mobile options
  • Tried and tested, Symantec VIP has built-in support for popular enterprise apps (VPNs, webmail, SSO, user directories, etc.), plus custom APIs and support for open standards like SAML and RADIUS to save on consulting fees

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Secure Consumer Access

Two-Factor Everywhere

  • Join the world’s leading companies in adding two-factor authentication to your web and mobile apps while retaining your look and feel with our easily integrated APIs and Credential Development Kit
  • Employ Intelligent Authentication, a risk-based analysis of location anomalies, risky connections, and compromised devices, fed from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network
  • Positively identify a user (enhancing your existing static password) with a dynamic, second factor of authentication that cannot be predicted or stolen

Proven Mobile Threat Detection

Recognize six million kinds of malware on mobile devices

  • Deny access to compromised devices before they can attempt authentication to your network
  • Visualize malware-ridden, jailbroken, or mobile devices with a debugger from a single online console
  • Benefit from proven technology, currently used by millions of endpoints worldwide

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