Symantec IT Management Suite

Securely manage all your endpoints — deploy new devices and apps, manage software licenses, and remediate vulnerabilities.

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Patch Management

How do you patch non-Microsoft applications?

An effective patch management strategy is critical for distributing software updates and, more importantly, for detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Many successful attacks are perpetrated against previously known vulnerabilities in which a patch or secure configuration standard was already available from the software vendor. However, these patches are only effective if they have been deployed.

Symantec IT Management Suite centralizes and simplifies patch management. With this solution you can detect and repair security vulnerabilities for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as Microsoft and over 50 non-Microsoft applications. Patch automation can further streamline the process to ensure patches are applied as quickly as possible. Real-time compliance and detailed reports help ensure smart, fast decisions can be made to keep endpoints protected and maximize productivity.

  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual environments
  • Support for 50+ non-Microsoft applications
  • Patch automation
  • Complete audit trail and reporting

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Asset Management

Take control of your assets, ensure compliance, uncover savings

Before you can effectively manage and protect endpoints, you first need an accurate picture of the environment. What software and devices are being used, who is using them, how much do they cost, and do they have the latest patches and updates?

Symantec IT Management Suite discovers, inventories, and tracks all the hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure and manages the relationships between them. Armed with this information, your team can quickly identify problems, apply solutions, and document compliance.

You can also uncover savings opportunities through at-a-glance detailed reports that track software licenses owned versus licenses that are installed and used. This visibility makes it possible to identify unused licenses and assign them to others before buying more as well as improve forecasting and purchasing decisions.

  • Discover and manage software and devices
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary software and harvesting unused licenses
  • Ensure software compliance and prepare for audits
  • Manage inventory and plan for future needs
  • Maximize the value of your IT assets

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Mixed Platform Management

Mac adoption is on the rise

Apple's presence in the enterprise is accelerating and is here to stay. We're no longer just talking about Macs in the graphics department or MacBooks on executive desks. As adoption in the enterprise continues to grow, so will the requirement for IT to move beyond a Windows-centric mindset to also manage and protect Macs.

Symantec offers a comprehensive solution to manage Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual environments from a single console. With Symantec IT Management Suite, you can easily manage your growing Mac environment just like your other platforms, including imaging, patch management, and software deployment.

  • Single console to manage Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX and virtual environments
  • Software detection rules to automatically remediate and reinstall software
  • Mac imaging without requiring a separate Mac server
  • Simplified Mac software deployment with push button delivery, streamlined software bundles, and automated enforcement of software standards

Endpoint Management Use Cases

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Symantec ServiceDesk is an automated incident response and problem resolution solution for quick, effective remediation of end user incidents, systemic problems and essential managed changes.

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