Symantec Unified Endpoint Protection Cloud Service

Protect and manage users and data on any device

Symantec Unified Endpoint Protection Cloud Service simplifies the process of onboarding, managing and protecting users, data and devices. It features proven proactive protection, intuitive policy-based configuration with a powerful user centric experience, allowing users to enroll their own devices. The single management console sets up in 20 minutes and facilitates easier management and reporting.

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Cloud-Based Management

Flexible, cloud-based management for all devices

As your organization looks to protect a wider variety of devices including mobile phones and tablets, both personal to corporate owned, as well as accommodating the growing trends in remote workforces and complexities around securing modern operating systems, your IT department needs to find a scalable way to manage these demands from a single solution.

Newer functionality such as employee self-enrollment allows your IT organization to reduce the onboarding resources for new devices, while modern operating systems become closed operating systems and require IT to rely on MDM-type security for these operating systems.

Symantec Unified Endpoint Protection Cloud Service provides a single, cloud-based management solution designed to protect all users and their devices, regardless of device type or operating system.

  • Single cloud-managed solution
  • Coverage for desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers and broad OS support (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Accommodates newer operating systems with MDM security
  • Quick setup with out-of-the-box configuration in less than 20 minutes, saving time and resources
  • Cloud portal accessible from any device with access to the internet
  • No hardware costs required, such as a server, to manage security

Device Enrollment

Convenient Employee Device Enrollment

As end-users desire choice in the devices they wish to conduct business on, organizations need to implement security solutions that are flexible enough to secure the devices users may select.  Providing employees the ability to enroll their own devices, both corporate and personal, via an online portal using corporate credentials gives employees the flexibility they desire without IT having to compromise on security for the organization. An ideal solution allows IT to create policies based on a users’ role in the organization and provides employees the freedom of choice for their preferred devices to work on.

  • Employee self-service portal for setting up corporate access on their own devices (both corporate and personally owned)
  • Creation of role-based policies applied to all of a users’ devices
  • Option for push deployments to Windows and Mac devices

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Device Enrollment

User and Device Security

Right Security for Users and Devices

As the valley of differences between PCs and mobile devices closes, users no longer see a clear distinction for when to use a particular device over another for work purposes. Therefore, regardless of the device, users need to be secured against ever evolving threats. Layered security at the endpoint, combined with the ability to accommodate modern (closed) operating systems and policies automatically applied to all of a user’s devices, based on users’ role, ensures that all devices in the organization are secured at the right level for each individual user.

  • Policies set at a group level push the security policies to all users in the group, in addition to all of the devices associated to all of the users
  • Mobile malware protection for all remote mobile devices and the ability to remote wipe
  • Layered security including: advanced reputation and behavioral monitoring, and signature-based AV, firewall and IPS (Intrusion Protection)

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User and Device Security


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