Symantec Web and Cloud Security

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for the Cloud Generation

Unify access governance, information security, and threat protection across your Enterprise.

Symantec is driving a new definition of Web and Cloud security. By integrating advanced threat protection, CASB SaaS Controls, web risk, and data security into our web gateway solutions, we provide a simple path to safely adopt cloud applications and architectures.

We deliver a true hybrid architecture: our universal policy lets you control all users across a cloud-based Web Security Service, highly scalable virtual appliances for private and public cloud, and a full family of on-premises appliances.

The cloud is a chaotic place

Welcome to the Cloud Generation, where employees demand flexibility and access wherever they are, but can expose your most sensitive data to risk.

Connected environments—like mobile and Internet of Things—introduce new attack surfaces that must be protected; Increased use of SaaS Cloud Apps are driving the need for new compliance and security controls, while forcing network architects to rethink network designs.

The best way to protect this vulnerable landscape is via cloud generation gateways to broker the interactions devices have with the world around them. Doing so allows organizations to perform in-depth inspection and gain complete visibility, even when endpoint security cannot be used.

Security for the Cloud Generation

Symantec Web and Cloud Security delivers an integrated set of compliance and security services to unify access governance, secure information and protect your enterprise.

  • A proxy architecture—on-premises, in the cloud, and hybrid—protects you against web and network-based threats, enables cloud data protection, and gives you flexible business policy control across enterprise and cloud, including web, social, and mobile networks
  • Complete Cloud Security - providing solutions across infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), web and email access
  • Integrating a fabric of critical services like DLP, data security, access governance, and advanced threat protection
  • Powered by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network to detect and stop multi-vector, multi-phased attacks

Unify cloud and on-premises for seamless security

We deliver our proxy-based architecture as a cloud service, on-premises appliance, or a hybrid of both. Through our combination of critical security functions, you can safely adopt cloud and mobile technologies, while strengthening your security and compliance:

Our essential protections include:

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solutions

Presents a sophisticated ecosystem of technologies working together to protect your organization in the cloud, from the web, to social media, to mobile networks. A secure web gateway identifies malicious payloads and controls dangerous content.

CASB Cloud Security – CloudSOC CASB

Use cloud applications and services with confidence while staying safe, secure, and compliant. Gain visibility into shadow IT, govern data in cloud apps, and protect against threats targeting cloud accounts with our Cloud Access Security Broker. (CASB)

Web Application Firewall & Reverse Proxy

Built on the industry-leading ProxySG platform, Symantec Web Application Firewall offers full protection with advanced policy, control, accountability, and performance features.

Cloud-Delivered Web Security Services

Enhances cloud and web security, and compliance, allowing enterprises control access, protect users from threats, and secure data.

Network Performance Optimization: PacketShaper, CacheFlow, & MACH5

Boost application performance, improve user experience, and reduce bandwidth costs with advanced caching, acceleration, and network QoS capabilities. Our patented technologies deliver unique optimization features for WAN, cloud, and internet environments.

Content & Malware Analysis

Protect against advanced threats through file reputation, multiple antimalware and analysis techniques, and sophisticated sandbox detonation.

Network Forensics & Security Analytics

Arm incident response teams with enriched, full-packet capture for complete security visibility, advanced network forensics, and real-time threat detection.