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Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd

Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd. turned to Symantec and Symantec Partner Stark Technology Inc. for solutions. Results include 100% recovery and 99.99% backup success rate, 99.99% uptime for critical systems for 10 years, no endpoint security incidents since deployment, and near 100% patch compliance on endpoints.

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CPC Corporation Taiwan

For years, CPC Corporation Taiwan has used Symantec solutions. Results include 100% restore success rate, reducing business risk, 99% backup success rate, staying within nightly backup window, one employee spends 10 minutes a day managing data protection, threefold faster server recovery, averting lost productivity, and improved protection from viruses and malware.

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TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.

It’s critical that a website can validate its identity to users, and Symantec SSL certificates are among the world’s most recognized for providing that authentication. Now, TrustAsia has become the first Symantec Website Security Partner in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, to offer a new feature called Symantec Ready Issuance, which enables site owners to get or renew Symantec SSL certificates in minutes instead of days.

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