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Healthcare Software Solutions

Physician Practices

Healthcare Software Solutions

Symantec is dedicated to today’s Physician Practices. From mobile devices to securing storage, Symantec’s array of solutions offers private offices peace of mind in securing Protected Health Information. See how the world’s leader in security can help you prevent loss of healthcare data without impacting clinical workflows, maintain secure 24x7 operation of critical IT systems, protect against malware and automate processes to meet Joint Commission, PCI, and HIPAA compliance needs, as well as state privacy law requirements.

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Merolina Nephrology Associates

Metrolina Nephorology Associates is able to focus on delivering care to its patients with the help of a NetX Appliance Server.

Northside Anesthesiology Consultants, LLC

Shielding Doctors from Malware with Solutions from Symantec and BlueWave Computing
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