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Portugal Telecom

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Европа, Ближний Восток, Африка | | Крупный бизнес

Portugal Telecom (PT) backs up two petabytes of data every week. The telecommunications provider manages approximately 10,400 physical and virtual servers. But there are only five people administering the entire storage infrastructure. By all accounts, this should be a recipe for disaster: an endless round of fire fighting, managing failed backups, or explaining to the business why a particular service level has been missed. Far from it. In fact, a Symantec Backup Health Check highlighted PT as a beacon for best practice, high performance infrastructure management which reliably meets customer service level agreements and adheres to the highest levels of service availability. And one of the key technologies contributing to this success? Symantec NetBackup.

Сведения об успешном опыте

Профайл организации

  • Website: www.telecom.pt
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Number of Employees: 37,000

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  • End users: 20,000
  • Servers: approximately 7,000
  • Storage: EMC; Hitachi, HP and NetApp, with a capacity of 1 PB
  • Virtualization: 2,500 virtual servers using VMware and 1000 VDI’s
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux
  • Applications: TIBCO, SAP, MSFT SQL, Oracle, billing, mediation
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