FREE M & M's Hoax

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Discovered: November 02, 1999
Updated: February 13, 2007 12:00:08 PM
Type: Hoax

Technical Description

The following message has been sent out by email. It is a hoax:

Subject: FREE M & M's

Have some fun-this is not a hoax.Hi. My name is Jeffrey Newieb. I am a marketing analyst for M&M's chocolate candies based in Hershey, Pennsylvania.As the year 2000 approaches, we want to be the candy of the Millennium - As you may already know, the roman numeral for Y2 is MM. We are asking you to pass on this e-mail to 5 friends. Our tracking device is calculating how many e-mails you send out. Everytime it reaches 2000 people, you will receive a free case (100 individual 55 gram packs) of delicious M & M candies. That means the more people this reaches,the more candy you're going to get. Mmmmmm.. yummy M & Ms the year 2000!! Remember, nothing but no M & M's will come your way if you do not share this with at least 5 people.Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax and do not pass on messages. Passing on messages about the hoax only serves to further propagate it.