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Updated: February 13, 2007 11:53:58 AM
Type: Hoax

Technical Description

The hoax message is as follows:

Two new viruses have just been discovered. They come in an e-mail called NEWYORK BIG DIRT and THE F*****R.

Microsoft announced they are very strong, even more than "Love Letter". There is no cure for them, they swallow everything on your hard disk, including Internet Explorer. Very few people are aware of them !

Message to forward as widely as possible If you recieve en e-mail message with attached screen saver called WWZ.SIP: do not open it.

Delete it righ away. By opening it, you will lose everything on your hard disk. This virus was launched 5 days ago, if everybody knows about it, this virus will be a failure. Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax and do not pass on messages. Passing on messages about the hoax only serves to further propagate it.