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Discovered: October 03, 2007
Updated: October 03, 2007 4:16:35 PM
Also Known As: W32/Bagle-TC [Sophos], W32/Bagle-UA [Sophos]
Type: Worm
Infection Length: 83,972 bytes
Systems Affected: Windows

W32.Fleck.A is a worm that spreads through file-sharing networks and downloads other threats.

Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Rapid Release version October 22, 2007 revision 040
  • Latest Rapid Release version December 25, 2007 revision 038
  • Initial Daily Certified version October 03, 2007 revision 020
  • Latest Daily Certified version December 26, 2007 revision 003
  • Initial Weekly Certified release date October 10, 2007

Click here for a more detailed description of Rapid Release and Daily Certified virus definitions.

Writeup By: John Canavan

Discovered: October 03, 2007
Updated: October 03, 2007 4:16:35 PM
Also Known As: W32/Bagle-TC [Sophos], W32/Bagle-UA [Sophos]
Type: Worm
Infection Length: 83,972 bytes
Systems Affected: Windows

When the worm is executed, it creates the following file:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\m\flec006.exe

It then creates the following registry entry, so that it runs everytime Windows starts:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\"mule_st_key" = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\m\flec006.exe"

The worm then connects to one of the following URLs and downloads a series of files:

  • [http://]www.discotecapuzzle.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]hoj-design.dk/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]hot-chilli-shop.de/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]hotelmontblanc.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]ayuntamientohuerta.es/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.ibase-canada.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]identid-ad.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]cctv-monitoring.pl/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]ilo.pl/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]imagerydomain.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.immigrateca.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]in3p.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]incahost.net/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]indeve.net/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.infocamp.com.br/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.infopolicia.es/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]inforserver.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]infoserwis2.home.pl/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://][REMOVED]
  • [http://]ingenieria-inversa.cl/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]innovainteriorismo.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]insidedg.com.ar/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]insumy.iatp.org.ua/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]inter-ex.cz/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]intercambio4.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]ip-kamery.com/1/filena[REMOVED]
  • [http://]irannano.org/1/filena[REMOVED]

The downloaded files may be saved to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\m folder with any of the following file names:

  • Kaspersky.Anti-Virus.Business.Optimal.For.Windows.2000.Server.v4090.Keyfile.czip
  • Apple AirPort for Windows 4.1.czip
  • 3DPassionLimitedScreensaver 2.1.czip
  • Audio Maestro Extractor Pack 1.2.0 (Cracked).czip
  • McAfee.VirusScan.v10.0.25.Retail-ZWT.czip
  • 70-350 - Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Practice Exam
  • Q.czip
  • Web control 2.1.czip
  • Pragmatisoft Photo Share Resizer 1.czip
  • Laetitia Casta Screensaver Set 1.czip
  • Daniusoft Video Converter 1.1.10.czip
  • DoOrDel 1.0.czip
  • Blue Commander 2.1.6.czip
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 1.2.czip
  • DigiGenius Video to iPhone Converter 3.6 (Cracked).czip
  • Liatro SWF Tools 1.0.czip
  • CB Backup Copy 1.0.czip
  • SocketToMe 1.0.czip
  • Digital File Shredder Pro [KeyGen].czip
  • Mortgage-UK 1.4.czip
  • Lockout Inspector 1.1.czip
  • NOD32.Antivirus.System.2.70.16.-.Final.czip
  • Xyzzy 1.0.czip
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 - Matrix Dojo deathmatch map.czip
  • Big Faceless Graph Library 2.3 [Serial].czip
  • eJukebox 4.7.czip
  • Easiestutils DVD to ZUNE converter
  • File Squad 1.0.czip
  • Backup Watcher for Interbase 2.0.1.czip
  • SureSync 4.1.37.czip
  • TS Tenpin 1.0.czip
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Player 1.1.czip
  • ImageResiZor 2.1.5.czip
  • Registry Patrol 3.2.czip
  • titanium.panda.antivirus.2004.czip
  • MyWeekly 1.02.czip
  • Extract Icon Tool 1.80.czip
  • Size-O-Matic
  • PP MailCheck 2.1 (Serial).czip
  • Pixxer 1.02b.czip
  • Ballet.czip
  • RiskyProject Professional 2.1.4 (Cracked).czip
  • NetJetServer Serial.czip
  • BlueRoam VPN Remote Access 3.0.1.czip
  • Remora USB File Guard Pro
  • Military Recipes Database 1.1 (KeyGen).czip
  • SiteMon
  • CADE ActiveX Control 2.49.4.czip
  • PPT To Video Scout 1.50 (Cracked).czip
  • Mindflash Quiz Maker Add-in for Microsoft Word 3.1.czip
  • Barracuda Integrator 2.0 [With Crack].czip
  • StatTrak for Football 2.1.4.czip
  • SWF Extractor 2.2 (Crack).czip
  • [PC.SOFTWARE].Ewido.Anti-Spyware.v.
  • Wine Collector 1.03.czip
  • nnBackup 3.01b15.czip
  • Deinstallator lite for Ghost Installer 1.2.czip
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 - Face 3 Ion Cannon Uplink.czip
  • EZ Backup QuickBooks Basic 4.7 With Crack.czip
  • Voxengo Overtone GEQ 1.2.czip
  • Amor WMV to AVI MPEG VCD DVD Converter 2.3.9 (With Crack).czip
  • World Time Zones Guide 4.1.czip
  • Red Faction - William Hart map.czip
  • WindowFX 3.0.czip
  • Clip Color 1.0.5.czip
  • 3D Picture Browser 1.0.czip
  • Fx Movie Joiner 6.1.3.czip
  • Henrietta 0.3.1.czip
  • uCertify Study Guide for test 70-306 6.08.04.czip
  • My Excel Plug Numbers 1.0.czip
  • 123-Project 2.1L.czip
  • Gigaget
  • NewsGator Toolbar
  • BJ777 Blackjack Simulator 1.czip
  • ZPakCreator 1.03b.czip
  • DVD Wizard Pro 1.0 [With Crack].czip
  • Bay Mate 1.czip
  • ADOS 1.1.czip
  • PicturesToExe 5.03 [Patch].czip
  • PrintmiX 1.2.czip
  • Internet Translator 3.1.czip
  • BZFlag Stats 1.0.czip
  • Apis DVD Ripper 2.24.czip
  • RSS News RF 1.0.czip
  • WGL4Key 1.7.czip
  • Photo Mud 3.0.czip
  • EditCNC [With Crack].czip
  • Battles of Norghan 1.024.czip
  • English Spanish Database 1.0 Key+Serial.czip
  • Personal Information Manager 1.5 build 9.czip
  • Install 1.0.czip
  • PCS WebGantt 4.0.czip
  • Oriens BatchMany Professional Edition 3.1 KeyGen.czip
  • SoundBrowser 2003.7.15.czip
  • Pythia 1.02.czip
  • HashPass 1.1.czip
  • Codename Eagle multiplayer demo.czip
  • Screen Protractor Mac Edition 3.2.czip
  • Audio CD Ripper 1.0.czip
  • Leadfoot demo.czip
  • Process Group Killer 1.0.0.czip
  • Polyglot 3000 2.7.czip
  • Big Kahuna Reef 1.0.czip
  • Portuguese Before You Know It Lite 3.6.czip
  • Swiftpage for Microsoft SQL and MySQL 1.0.8 (With Crack).czip
  • Notes Browser for Microsoft CRM 1.0.czip
  • Bats 1.0.czip
  • SMAC MAC Address Changer 1.2.czip
  • Agenda 1.1.czip
  • Texture AutoLookup (TAL) 4.2.czip
  • DigiPhoto Gallery 2.25.czip
  • WebtoWall
  • City of Murphy 1.0.czip
  • ASCII protocol simulation plugin 1.0.1.czip
  • hideBad 1.4.0.czip
  • YW Guestbook 1.45.czip
  • GatherBird Copy Large Files 2.1.czip
  • Smart Suite for MySQL 2006.12.31.3 KeyGen.czip
  • Spring Flowers Screensaver 1.0.czip
  • Derelict 1.03.46.czip
  • Voxengo Elephant 2.5 [Key+Serial].czip
  • CacheRight 3.0.czip
  • Sunset Screen Saver 2.0 [Key].czip
  • Hexprobe Storage Encryption Tool 2.2 KeyGen.czip
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  • Cjmath 1.01.czip
  • Battle Cake for Windows Mobile 1.1.czip
  • KarPocket 3.0.czip
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  • Pocket DVD Suite 1.1.5.czip
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  • Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server 3.2.czip
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  • Text2Speech
  • PathSync 0.33.czip
  • Fuzzy System Component 1.0.czip
  • Screensaver Wonder 4 4.5.czip
  • ccfilechecker 1.0.czip
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  • ABC Amber PaintShop Converter 1.03.czip
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  • Nod32.Remote.Administrator.Server.-.Windows.Nt-2000-Xp-2003.czip
  • AutoQ2
  • DaVinci Encryption System Patch.czip
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  • GreatFamily 2.2.2.czip
  • Kaspersky_Antivirus_anti-haker_KEY.czip
  • Screen Screw 1.00.czip
  • PropertiesList/X.czip
  • MultiWeb Viewer 6.5.czip

The worm then connects to a group of eMule file-sharing servers specified in the downloaded files. The eMule servers may be one or more of the following:

  • on TCP port 5000
  • on TCP port 4242
  • on TCP port 4242
  • on TCP port 4661
  • on TCP port 4661
  • on TCP port 4661
  • on TCP port 4232
  • on TCP port 6771
  • on TCP port 6771
  • on TCP port 4661
  • on TCP port 6543
  • on TCP port 8899
  • on TCP port 4232
  • on TCP port 4232
  • on TCP port 4232
  • on TCP port 4321
  • on TCP port 6543
  • on TCP port 4242
  • on TCP port 4232
  • on TCP port 4321
  • on TCP port 4321
  • on TCP port 4321
  • on TCP port 4321
  • on TCP port 5000
  • on TCP port 9661
  • on TCP port 7667
  • on TCP port 4661
  • on TCP port 6543
  • on TCP port 3333
  • on TCP port 3333

The worm then uses its own eMule client to share the copies of itself that were copied to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\m folder.

The worm may then download a copy of Trojan Horse from one of the following URLs:

  • [http://]ayuntamientohuerta.es/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.ibase-canada.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]identid-ad.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]cctv-monitoring.pl/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]ilo.pl/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]imagerydomain.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.immigrateca.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]in3p.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]incahost.net/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]indeve.net/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.infocamp.com.br/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]www.infopolicia.es/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]inforserver.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]infoserwis2.home.pl/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://][REMOVED]
  • [http://]ingenieria-inversa.cl/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]innovainteriorismo.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]insidedg.com.ar/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]insumy.iatp.org.ua/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]inter-ex.cz/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]intercambio4.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]ip-kamery.com/1/mxd[REMOVED]
  • [http://]irannano.org/1/mxd[REMOVED]


Symantec Security Response encourages all users and administrators to adhere to the following basic security "best practices":

  • Use a firewall to block all incoming connections from the Internet to services that should not be publicly available. By default, you should deny all incoming connections and only allow services you explicitly want to offer to the outside world.
  • Enforce a password policy. Complex passwords make it difficult to crack password files on compromised computers. This helps to prevent or limit damage when a computer is compromised.
  • Ensure that programs and users of the computer use the lowest level of privileges necessary to complete a task. When prompted for a root or UAC password, ensure that the program asking for administration-level access is a legitimate application.
  • Disable AutoPlay to prevent the automatic launching of executable files on network and removable drives, and disconnect the drives when not required. If write access is not required, enable read-only mode if the option is available.
  • Turn off file sharing if not needed. If file sharing is required, use ACLs and password protection to limit access. Disable anonymous access to shared folders. Grant access only to user accounts with strong passwords to folders that must be shared.
  • Turn off and remove unnecessary services. By default, many operating systems install auxiliary services that are not critical. These services are avenues of attack. If they are removed, threats have less avenues of attack.
  • If a threat exploits one or more network services, disable, or block access to, those services until a patch is applied.
  • Always keep your patch levels up-to-date, especially on computers that host public services and are accessible through the firewall, such as HTTP, FTP, mail, and DNS services.
  • Configure your email server to block or remove email that contains file attachments that are commonly used to spread threats, such as .vbs, .bat, .exe, .pif and .scr files.
  • Isolate compromised computers quickly to prevent threats from spreading further. Perform a forensic analysis and restore the computers using trusted media.
  • Train employees not to open attachments unless they are expecting them. Also, do not execute software that is downloaded from the Internet unless it has been scanned for viruses. Simply visiting a compromised Web site can cause infection if certain browser vulnerabilities are not patched.
  • If Bluetooth is not required for mobile devices, it should be turned off. If you require its use, ensure that the device's visibility is set to "Hidden" so that it cannot be scanned by other Bluetooth devices. If device pairing must be used, ensure that all devices are set to "Unauthorized", requiring authorization for each connection request. Do not accept applications that are unsigned or sent from unknown sources.
  • For further information on the terms used in this document, please refer to the Security Response glossary.

Writeup By: John Canavan

Discovered: October 03, 2007
Updated: October 03, 2007 4:16:35 PM
Also Known As: W32/Bagle-TC [Sophos], W32/Bagle-UA [Sophos]
Type: Worm
Infection Length: 83,972 bytes
Systems Affected: Windows

The following instructions pertain to all current and recent Symantec antivirus products, including the Symantec AntiVirus and Norton AntiVirus product lines.

  1. Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).
  2. Update the virus definitions.
  3. Run a full system scan.
  4. Delete any values added to the registry.

For specific details on each of these steps, read the following instructions.

1. To disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP)
If you are running Windows Me or Windows XP, we recommend that you temporarily turn off System Restore. Windows Me/XP uses this feature, which is enabled by default, to restore the files on your computer in case they become damaged. If a virus, worm, or Trojan infects a computer, System Restore may back up the virus, worm, or Trojan on the computer.

Windows prevents outside programs, including antivirus programs, from modifying System Restore. Therefore, antivirus programs or tools cannot remove threats in the System Restore folder. As a result, System Restore has the potential of restoring an infected file on your computer, even after you have cleaned the infected files from all the other locations.

Also, a virus scan may detect a threat in the System Restore folder even though you have removed the threat.

For instructions on how to turn off System Restore, read your Windows documentation, or one of the following articles:

Note: When you are completely finished with the removal procedure and are satisfied that the threat has been removed, reenable System Restore by following the instructions in the aforementioned documents.

For additional information, and an alternative to disabling Windows Me System Restore, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article: Antivirus Tools Cannot Clean Infected Files in the _Restore Folder (Article ID: Q263455).

2. To update the virus definitions
Symantec Security Response fully tests all the virus definitions for quality assurance before they are posted to our servers. There are two ways to obtain the most recent virus definitions:
  • Running LiveUpdate, which is the easiest way to obtain virus definitions.

    If you use Norton AntiVirus 2006, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0, or newer products, LiveUpdate definitions are updated daily. These products include newer technology.

    If you use Norton AntiVirus 2005, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.0, or earlier products, LiveUpdate definitions are updated weekly. The exception is major outbreaks, when definitions are updated more often.

  • Downloading the definitions using the Intelligent Updater: The Intelligent Updater virus definitions are posted daily. You should download the definitions from the Symantec Security Response Web site and manually install them.

The latest Intelligent Updater virus definitions can be obtained here: Intelligent Updater virus definitions . For detailed instructions read the document: How to update virus definition files using the Intelligent Updater .

3. To run a full system scan
  1. Start your Symantec antivirus program and make sure that it is configured to scan all the files.

    For Norton AntiVirus consumer products: Read the document: How to configure Norton AntiVirus to scan all files.

    For Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise products: Read the document: How to verify that a Symantec Corporate antivirus product is set to scan all files.

  2. Run a full system scan.
  3. If any files are detected, follow the instructions displayed by your antivirus program.
Important: If you are unable to start your Symantec antivirus product or the product reports that it cannot delete a detected file, you may need to stop the risk from running in order to remove it. To do this, run the scan in Safe mode. For instructions, read the document, How to start the computer in Safe Mode . Once you have restarted in Safe mode, run the scan again.
After the files are deleted, restart the computer in Normal mode and proceed with the next section.

Warning messages may be displayed when the computer is restarted, since the threat may not be fully removed at this point. You can ignore these messages and click OK. These messages will not appear when the computer is restarted after the removal instructions have been fully completed. The messages displayed may be similar to the following:

Title: [FILE PATH]
Message body: Windows cannot find [FILE NAME]. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.

4. To delete the value from the registry
Important: Symantec strongly recommends that you back up the registry before making any changes to it. Incorrect changes to the registry can result in permanent data loss or corrupted files. Modify the specified subkeys only. For instructions refer to the document: How to make a backup of the Windows registry .
  1. Click Start > Run.
  2. Type regedit
  3. Click OK.

    Note: If the registry editor fails to open the threat may have modified the registry to prevent access to the registry editor. Security Response has developed a tool to resolve this problem. Download and run this tool, and then continue with the removal.

  4. Navigate to and delete the following registry entry:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\"mule_st_key" = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\m\flec006.exe"

  5. Exit the Registry Editor.

Writeup By: John Canavan