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System Infected: PUA.Downloader Activity 2

Severity: Low

This attack poses a minor threat. Corrective action may not be possible or is not required.


This signature detects a file installer download which are associated with adware.

Additional Information

Adware are programs that secretly gather personal information through the Internet and relay it back to another computer. This is done by tracking browsing habits, generally for advertising purposes.

Adware is a type of program that displays an advertisement of some sort. Adware is usually related to a specific Web site that is cached in the Web browser. In some cases, it changes the home page of your Web browser to point to a specific Web site. Because adware is not malicious in nature, it is not considered a virus.


  • Various Windows Platforms


Unless otherwise known, any unintended PUA/Adware Activity in this network traffic should be treated as Malicious. Actions should be taken to suspend and audit the communication and potentially block this network Activity from further communication.

If you want to block this network traffic, refer the following link:
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