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HTTP RealPlayer Ierpplug DLL AX DoS

Severity: Medium

This attack could pose a moderate security threat. It does not require immediate action.


This signature detects attempt to cause a DoS vulnerability by passing long arguments into a vulnerable methods of RealMedia RealPlayer Ierpplug.DLL ActiveX Control.

Additional Information

The RealPlayer ActiveX control is prone to multiple buffer-overflow vulnerabilities because the software fails to properly bounds-check user-supplied data before copying it to an insufficiently sized buffer.

A remote attacker may exploit these vulnerabilities by presenting a malicious file to a victim and enticing them to open it with the vulnerable application.

Successful attacks can cause denial-of-service conditions in Internet Explorer or other applications that use the vulnerable ActiveX control. Arbitrary code execution may also be possible, but this has not been confirmed.


  • These issues affect RealPlayer 10.5; other versions may also be affected.


Download and install all vendor patches related to this vulnerability

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