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Web Attack: WebDAV Write Access Code Execution

Severity: High

This attack could pose a serious security threat. You should take immediate action to stop any damage or prevent further damage from happening.


This signature detects attempts to upload malicious content using WebDAV.

Additional Information

A file upload vulnerability allegedly affects the DATA Access Internet Publishing Service Provider Distributed Versioning and Authoring (DAV) functionality of Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

It is reported that unauthenticated users may upload arbitrary files onto an affected server into a Web readable location using a standard PUT request.

An attacker may leverage this issue to upload arbitrary files to the affected computer. This will allow the execution of server-based script code, and will facilitate a compromise of the affected server. Depending on the purpose on the server, an attacker could also exploit the issue to place malicious or abuse content on the server.

It should be noted that the individual reporting this issue may have discovered it while auditing a poorly configured implementation of the affected software. In this case this issue would not be considered a vulnerability, it would be a configuration error caused by a failure of server administration. Symantec has not verified this vulnerability. This BID will be updated immediately upon the release of new information.


  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000


Currently we are not aware of any vendor-supplied patches for this issue. If you feel we are in error or are aware of more recent information, please mail us at: vuldb@securityfocus.com
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